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Benefits of Raw Dog Food with TruDog

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Interested in learning about feeding your dog raw dog food? You’ve come to the right place!  TruDog has designated the month of August as RAWgust! This RAWgust, TruDog is celebrating and educating us about the benefits of feeding your dog raw.

Gus wants you to take advantage of Rawgust.

Could you just DIE of the cuteness? I know. I’m his Mom, but forevermore that dog is cute, and Gus wants you to take advantage of RAWgust!!!

Isn’t Feeding Your Dog Raw a Lot of Extra Effort?

It’s really not, with TruDog products! “Raw Without the Thaw” is TruDog’s motto. That’s because the raw dog food products TruDog sells are either freeze dried, or gently dehydrated. That format of raw feeding makes raw dog food completely convenient. But beyond convenience,  you have the joy of knowing you’re providing your dog with excellent nutrition. 

If you’d like to see my true dog, Gus, the 90 lb. German Shepherd, interact with TruDog products, we’ve made an unboxing video, for your enjoyment. To say the least, Gus is a completely delighted and satisfied customer. Raw dog food is his FAVORITE!!! It’s box sniffing, tail wagging good!!!

I Might Like to Feed Raw. Tell Me More. 

 TruDog’s main dog food product is called Feed Me, which is Freeze Dried Dog Food. Feed Me comes in four different flavors: Beef, Turkey, Truducken, and Whitefish.  Feed Me comes in 14 oz. bags. As you can see, freeze dried food comes in kibble sized nuggets. 

Flavors of TruDog Feed Me

All 4 varieties of Feed Me: Beef, Turkey, Truducken, and Whitefish.

TruDog’s next line of food is called RawGo, which is dehydrated Dog Food. Rawgo™ uses only gently air-dried raw premium cuts of meat, fruits, and vegetables to retain nature’s wholesome nutrients. It comes in flavors of beef & carrots, lamb & cranberry, and chicken & rosemary. (And now, I’m hungry, after hearing the names of those delicious combos.) Dehydrated means it comes in more of a powdery form, to which you’ll add water. 

The flavors of Rawgo are beef & carrots, lamb & cranberries, and chicken and rosemary. These 2.2 lb bags make 6 pounds of food, each.

The flavors of Rawgo are beef & carrots, lamb & cranberries, and chicken & rosemary. These 2.2 lb bags make 6 pounds of food, each.

Want to Try Raw More Gradually? Two Raw Dog Food Toppers

TruDog also carries two Raw Dog Food Toppers (Boost Me and Fortify Me) which you can use to top your dog’s regular kibble, as a type of raw supplement. Fortify Me is a freeze dried Raw Omega topper. In my reading about itchy skin, omegas are often recommended to help dogs with an itchy skin problem, so, if that’s your dog’s issue, you might want to give Fortify Me a try. It contains 9 superfood ingredients, so think of it as a vitamin supplement for your dog. Fortify Me comes in one flavor: beef. 

Boost Me comes in 5 flavors: beef, duck, rabbit, turkey, and whitefish. Our dog Gus is a 90 lb. German Shepherd, and we decided to go with Boost Me, beef flavor, for Him. He adores watching me stir that extra sumpin’-sumpin’ into his kibble! He absolutely gobbles it up! Boost Me and Fortify Me are made for those who appreciate the nutritional benefits of raw feeding, but would like a more economical way to provide them.

All the flavors of Boost Me: beef, duck, rabbit, turkey, and whitefish.

All the flavors of Boost Me: beef, duck, rabbit, turkey, and whitefish.


Are There Raw Dog Food Treats?

In addition to dog food (Feed Me and RawGo), and dog food toppers (Boost Me and Fortify Me), TruDog also sells freeze dried and gently dehydrated raw dog food treats. Often, these treats are composed of only one ingredient. And there are so many different treats you can treat your dog with!  They have Treat Me Chicken Hearts,   Treat Me Diced salmon , Treat Me Beef Liver, Treat Me Mussels,  Treat Me Chicken Breast Jerky Treats.

If your dog is a chewer, don’t miss out on these great chew treats: Chew Me Bully Sticks , Chew Me Green Tripe, Chew Me Beef Gullet Sticks and Chew Me Beef Bladder Sticks.

You can shop and compare all the varieties of treats. Gus really loves those bully sticks!

What About the Quality of TruDog Raw Dog Food Ingredients?

Be assured that TruDog uses only high quality ingredients: the beef is USDA certified beef. The poultry is high quality, and comes from humanely sourced chicken, turkey, or duck. The fish is all sustainably produced fish. All ingredients are all natural, and the facilities where the food is  produced are FDA registered, and inspected.

How Nutritious is TruDog’s Raw Dog Food?

Nutrition is of primary importance to the folks at TruDog. Freeze drying and dehydrating locks in all the food’s nutrients. There are no grains, no fillers, no by-products, no added, or artificial anything: just real RAW nutrition.

Check Out the Deals On the TruDog Website

They are nearly always running some kind of special or flash sale over on the TruDog website.  One product that people snap up like hot cakes is the TruDog Spray Me Natural Dental Spray. Not raw food, but really great for helping keep your doggie’s teeth clean, and breath fresh. They also have dental chews, and a dental care gift pack, too.

TruDog also carries soft chew supplements like Calm Me, Complete Me, and Free Me Joint Soft Chews, to help your true dog live his or her very best life! 

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