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Rosemary’s 5 Step Herbal Skin Program Review

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Rosemary's 5 Step Herbal Skin Program

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A few months ago, while exercising my rights as a Licensed Skeptic ®, I asked the Facebook group of Homeschooling Moms I’ve been a part of for over 10 years if facial masks really do anything. (Did  you just think, “She was probably scrolling through Pinterest again?” Well, you’d be right. Remember, I once was a Pinterest Pigeon.  )

Anyhow, my friend Rosie, who recently opened her own business and used to blog for the Opinion Bureau Review, where, as a trained community herbalist, she is “The Natural Wellness Concierge”, said she wanted to send me some of the products she’d been making, to let me try them out. So my disclosure is that (1) Rosie is my friend, and (2) I received this product for free. BUT, and this is a big but, (3) I suggested to her that I’d LIKE to review them for my blog, because if they were good, I wanted to spread the word! I also told her that if they didn’t work for me, that I’d just message her privately, and tell her that they hadn’t.

So, as you may have guessed, I really, really like her products! And I wanted to share what I’ve learned with my readers. 

Rosie’s website is called Rosemary’s Guide, and as a trained community herbalist, she has great resources and information about natural wellness to share with you. And, she’s offering these things for free:

    • Articles and information on natural wellness

    • Recipes that taste great and will make you feel better 

    • Answers to your questions about herbal-based natural wellness

    • Special offers on natural wellness concierge products and services

I’d encourage you to click on the link, and check her website out. Here is a link to the Product Page  , and on it, you can see the products that she sent me: they’re available in a package called Rosemary’s 5 Step Herbal Skin Program. (On that page, you’ll also see that she also has an Herbal Serum For Beautiful Hair. My friend Peg tells me that it’s wonderful, although I haven’t tried it personally.)

Rosemary's 5 Step Herbal Skin Program

Rosemary’s 5 Step Herbal Skin Program

What I Thought of Rosie’s 5 Step Herbal Skin Program Products

Rosie is always working on her potions and brews,  😀 and is in the process of developing more, as I type. When I told her that I found the Vanilla Bean Body Cream a little TOO heavy, for my preference, she mentioned that right now, she’s working on developing a lighter form as well, and also is in the process of choosing some new scents. I’m rooting for something in citrus being one of them. But I have to say that the Vanilla Bean Body Cream smelled absolutely delicious! Like the frosting of my favorite vanilla cupcake! I wanted to EAT it, it smelled so good! (Not advisable, by the way.)
The primary ingredient for both the Herbal Grains to Cleanse Your Face, and the Mineral Mask to Tone Your Face, is Bentonite Clay. This is kind of an aside, but did you know that L’Oreal just came out with a product line of facial masks, and guess what THEY use? Uh huh. Bentonite Clay.) Rosie’s Mineral Mask contains three types of clay, incorporating red and green clay, as well, in her formula. (After googling, to get all those clays, you’d need to buy 3 different L’Oreal Mask products. My advice? Go with Rosie.)

After using those two products of Rosie’s I can tell you that the main benefit of a clay mask that *I* see, (and remember, I am a Licensed Skeptic®) is just the smoothness and firmness of the way your face feels after use of the product. But it really *does* feel lovely. 

After I use the Mineral Grains to wash my face (and they make my skin feel *so* good), I spray it with the Rosewater Mist, which serves as an astringint. It smells like heaven, and makes my skin feel fresh and tingly. I told Rosie how in love I was with the scent, and she mentioned that she even sprays it on her pillow at night, because it’s such a soothing smell. I’m a believer! Yes, the Licensed Skeptic® is indeed a believer. 

Rosemary's 5 Step Herbal Skin Program

You sprinkle a handful of these herbs into a pot of hot water, and voilà: instant Spa Day!

The Herbal Steam for Deep Pore Cleansing was what I used one Saturday when I decided I wanted to have a little spa day, just for me! Picture me, standing in my kitchen, my head with a towel draped over it, leaning over a big Dutch Oven on the stove filled with hot steamy herb-infused water, as those delicious herbal and floral odors wafted up over my face’s skin. My face was moist, and red as a beet from the heat/steam, when I came up for air, 5 minutes later, but I followed Rosie’s advice, and then applied the mask to my now-open pores, and then poured the lovely warm fragrant herbal water into a foot basin, where I soaked my feet, while the mask dried. Afterwards, my skin felt amazing, and my feet? I loved that best of all. My feet were ready to be rubbed, and exfoliated, and they felt …well…soft as a baby’s behind! 

OK, I’ve rambled on enough, but I *certainly* hope you will visit Rosie’s website,, and try her products for yourself. In so doing, you can support a small businesswoman, and…who knows? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she ends up becoming an herbal tycoon! Her products would make a great gift for a special girlfriend, or for your mom or daughter, too. But why not try them out for yourself, first? I think you’ll become a believer, too! 


Thursday 10th of November 2016

Love this article..and love the packaging on these great sounding products. Will have to check out..thanks.


Friday 23rd of September 2016

I love you call yourself the licensed skeptic!

Nancy Fox

Friday 23rd of September 2016

Thanks for sharing Susan. I'll check it out! My recent post Skinny Chicken Parmigiana