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Grilled Cheddar Cheese, Mortadella and Apple Butter Sandwich

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Grilled Cheddar Cheese Apple Butter and Mortadella Sandwich

This Grilled Cheddar Cheese, Apple Butter and Mortadella Sandwich beats the HECK out of a fried baloney sandwich.

In the South, “we” like our fried baloney sandwiches.
And I use that “we”, loosely.

OK, at least my HUSBAND likes HIS fried baloney sandwiches. 

I can take or leave them, and if given the choice, I’ll leave them.

White Wonder Bread (and it’s a wonder why they call it bread), a thick old slab of fried baloney and a processed slice of Velveeta, with Miracle (White Trash) Whip? No thank ye.

 And yes, I DO know that baloney is actually spelled b-o-l-o-g-n-a. I’ve seen the commercial.

But this is the SOUTH we’re talking about here, and in the SOUTH, you don’t order up a “bologna” sandwich. It’s fried baloney, ’round these parts.

My husband bought me my first (and last) fried baloney sandwich at a gas station once in Lower Alabama. Because all the great cuisine is coming out of gas stations in L.A., don’tchaknow.

Anyway, I hear they’re still a tradition, but really, not for me, nor at my house.

But April is Grilled Cheese Month, and I’ve been wanting to make something special, and somebody already wrote up my idea for a Grilled Chipotle Cheddar Cheese with Avocado and Pickled Onions and Cilantro on a Tortilla. That one was a doozy, I’m here to tell you!!! Mmmm mmm!

So, it occurred to me, why not bump up the deliciousness factor on that old Southern favorite, a fried baloney sandwich? Why not, indeed???

grilled cheeze fb

Step One: some GOOD bread. I favor a rustic artisan loaf I find locally, chewy, with big holes, called Tuscan Bread.  

Step Two: bump up the yum factor of the bologna. Mortadella is a pork cold cut that is a lot like bologna, but it’s imported from (perhaps not surprisingly) Bologna, Italy. I buy Boar’s Head, and it contains  both peppercorns and pistachios. Really, really yummy stuff. 

grilled cheeze fb-2

Step Three: Cabot Seriously Sharp White Cheddar Cheese, if you please. So, so good! (You can also throw on a slice or two of Chipotle Cheddar, if you’d like to add a little heat to the mix, like I did.)

Step Four: what goes great with cheddar cheese? How about apples? On the right track, but that’s not quite what I want on my sandwich. So, to balance out all the savory, crispy, creamy goodness, how about a sweet spread, made with apples. Apple butter! Perfect!

grilled cheeze fb-4

Step Five: Spread the outside of the bread with butter, and slap it on the griddle, baby. That gives you crispy crunch you’re craving.

They say April is the cruelest month, but how can any month that celebrates and elevates the grilled cheese sandwich be cruel???

Voilà the Fried Baloney Sandwich, gone gourmet: The Grilled White Cheddar Cheese, Mortadella and Apple Butter Sandwich! Bon appétit!

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grilled cheeze fb-5






Friday 18th of April 2014

Just like Kathy, I grew up on fried baloney sandwiches (didn't even know there was any other way to cook meat except fried until I went off to college). Now stuck in my head and I won't be happy until I go fix a couple up in the kitchen. My recent post The Erma Zone

Kathy Gottberg

Tuesday 15th of April 2014

I actually grew up eating fried baloney sandwiches on white bread with ketchup. My Dad LOVED them so we ate them a lot :-) I haven't even thought of those for years and years and wouldn't dream of making them....but you know what? This looks really, really good. Thanks for the change of thought! My recent post Do You Like To Play The Game or Just In It For The Trophy?

Christi P.

Tuesday 15th of April 2014

Oh, my stars! Fried bologna goes chic! You are a wonder to this world, Woman! Weally! (Sorry. I was on a roll with the alliteration!)


Tuesday 15th of April 2014

I hate to admit how good that looks. Carol


Tuesday 15th of April 2014

Oh, wow! I've always felt the same about the bologna sandwiches my husband loves... fixed nearly the exact same way as you first noted. But this, this TREAT of sandwich you've concocted looks FABULOUS. Yep, I am going to make it for myself. And probably two for my husband. Thank you!

(Sheesh... I should never read food blogs before breakfast. My yogurt, clementines and coffee fail miserably in light of this goodness making my tummy growl. Thanks.)

Susan Williams

Tuesday 15th of April 2014

Your comment made me laugh out loud, Lisa! Thanks!