Grilled Cheddar Cheese, Mortadella and Apple Butter Sandwich

In the South, “we” like our fried baloney sandwiches. And I use that “we”, loosely. OK, at least my HUSBAND likes HIS fried baloney sandwiches.  I can take or leave them, and if given the choice, I’ll leave them. White Wonder Bread (and it’s a wonder why they call it bread), a thick old slab […]

Slow Cooker Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

What says comfort food on a chilly day more than a steaming bowl of Tomato Soup and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich? But isn’t there a better way to achieve comfort than by opening a can? What if that wonderful aroma of soup, simmering, wafted through your cozy house for hours? The Best Tomato Soup I’ve […]

Heavenly Havarti and Black Forest Ham with Apple Butter, and Aioli

Heavenly Havarti and Black Forest Ham Sandwich with Apple Butter, Aioli, and Arugula. It’s melted cheese with ham…yes…but it’s so much more!!!! What’s a Great Sandwich Recipe? In the beginning, I made me a fabulous sandwich. And it was good. Then, a girlfriend challenged me to enter a sandwich recipe contest, and I remembered my […]