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Red Wines for Hearty Fall Meals

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Those of you who’ve followed my blog for years will be familiar with my guest poster today. I am thankful to count Denny Jiosa, world class jazz guitarist and wine connoisseur extraordinaire, as my friend. Denny has helped me select some of the most amazing wines it’s ever been my pleasure to taste. And now, it’s my joy to share Denny’s good taste and great knowledge of wines with each of you. Count yourselves exceedingly fortunate! Today, Denny has some great choices for red wines that pair well with the heartier dishes we love to enjoy in the fall. Here’s Denny!


Welcome to Fall 2013 Jammin’ Jiosa’s wine notes!


I love fall. The colors surrounding us are deep and rich and that’s the way I like my wines, too! I am ready to warm my palate (and soul) with hearty reds. Today, I’m introducing three great red wines I recently enjoyed.



Carnivor: a Cabernet Sauvignon

From a value standpoint this first wine is exceptional. It’s called “Carnivor” ! It’s a 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon from Modesto, California. This inky, jammy, full bodied juice is loaded with blackberry fruit and feels thick and juicy on the palate. I would swear it has Syrah blended with it but I am told by a “reliable source” that it is indeed all Cabernet. 

Carnivor is great for just sipping,  or with a meal. Obviously, by its name,  I would pair it with the red meat of your choice, like Susan’s post on how to dry age choice steaks so that they taste like expensive steak house prime beef! This wine is not going to change your life, but it is a great wine for $11.99


Chateau Peyros: a blend of Tannat and Cabernet

Next up is Chateau Peyros, from Madiran France. The blend is 60% Tannat, 40% Cabernet Franc. This is a big wine made for cold weather. Dark, rich fruit with notes of over ripe plum and black berries attack your palate with a hint of cedar, and coffee. You are sure to enjoy the exceptionally smooth finish.

The area of France this wine comes from, the Madiran appellation, produces earthy, rustic, rich tasting wines. This is a perfect example of such juice.
Outstanding with beef, lamb, or game. Price $16.99

Carmine Oak Malbec

Carmine Granata Malbec

My third choice and favorite of the three is the Bodega Carmine Oak cask Malbec from Argentina. Wow, this wine is terrific! I like Malbec to some degree, but this one convinced me you can have a great one without breaking the bank.

From 80 year old vines, this wine displays red cherry, plum and spices with a nicely balanced amount of oak, giving the wine a hit of vanilla, coffee, and tobacco. I actually get hints of oregano and leather on the long, lingering finish.
This wine reminds me of a bit of Riposso ( Itallian Valpolicella) and for good reason. Carmine Granata ( the man who started this winery) relocated from Italy to Argentina and began making wine in 1905. From the flavors I experienced, it appears that Carmine brought some of the Italian terroir with him! NEWS FLASH…Actually, I just found out that he DID bring the vines with him from Italy that his ancestors cultivated! This is too cool..

A delicious,complex wine for $17.99! Get it…you will thank me!

I plan to have my Holiday choices in a few weeks so stay tuned and until then, have a wonderful Fall!

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Nothing like jazz and wine! Salute!


Susan Bonifant

Thursday 24th of October 2013

This came about at exactly the right time. My husband and I are trying to know more about Malbec. We think we're smitten.


Thursday 24th of October 2013

All three sound yummy! For me, the more full bodied, the better!