The Dog Days Aren’t Over: Dog Duties

Aren’t you glad I’m talking about Dog Duties, and not Dog Doodies? Me, too. Now that we’ve scooped that pun out of the way. let’s talk about morning dog duties out here in the woods.

You’ve got a job. I’ve got a job. All God’s chilluns got jobs.

Even my dogs have jobs, God love them.

Deacon D. Dawg, as you know, is the Paper Boy. On weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), he fulfills his genetic destiny as a Labrador RETRIEVER, and retrieves the paper. He lives for that job. Except for the fact that we just do not need it, it would almost be worth it to subscribe to the paper daily, just to see the joy it brings to Deaky Boy. Even though he’s on his last lung, while he can still happily get on his J. O. B., we are loathe to send him across the Canine Rainbow Bridge.

Enjoy HIS joy, won’t you? The view you’re about to see is of him coming back from the door where he was trying to deliver the paper to see what his Master Holding the iPhone wants, and then returning to the door, because he wants his treat. For Deaky Boy, it’s all about the treats.

Come back tomorrow, for Dog Duties, #2. (heh heh)
I’ve got video of Pilgrim Pee Dog I’m itching to share.

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