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Dog Duties, #2

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Yesterday I told you about Deacon D. Dawg’s Morning Dog Duties. And, of course, because I’m inwardly 13 years old when it comes to my sense of humor, I was irresistibly drawn to the thought that “duties” sounds like “doodies”. 😀

Well, today, I’d like to talk about Dog Duties, #2. 😀

Although, as irony would have it, the Dog Duties, #2, actually belong to Pilgrim Pee Dog. (Who, you might have expected, would actually be more likely to do #1. But such are the ironic twists and turns of the digestive tract, and, of fate.)

Unlike Deacon D. Dawg, who only does his job on weekends, Pilgrim Pee Dog fulfills her Morning Mission each and every morning. Because each and every day, we drink coffee. And Pilgrim Pee Dog’s self-appointed job (heavens, no, we did NOT train her to do this) is to join in with the coffee grinder, and greet the new day with the Morning Howl. The best part of waking up is NOT, as you may have been led to believe, Folgers in your cup. Oh, no. Perish the thought. The BEST part of waking up is enjoying Pilgrim’s Morning Howl. And we hope you will!

OK, I know you’re dying to:
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