The Attack of the Butter Eaters and Low Fat Peach (Pit) Ice Cream

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Since my dear husband’s heart attack, we’ve been searching for desserts that are a little lower in the dreaded “b” word. That word that used to bring joy and meaning to my existence.


I have a long and sordid history with butter.

If you can believe this, in my childhood, I used to eschew butter. (No, I didn’t say I CHEWED it. I mean I used to avoid it.) I would watch my sister, who shall remain nameless, and since I have two, it could be EITHER ONE OF THEM, put large pats of butter onto her Grecian bread (we bought it from the restaurant in town where the baker actually hailed from Greece, and he KNEW what he was doing with a loaf of bread) and then, I’d shiver. It seemed so thick and tongue-coating to me.

But then….sadly…something happened.

My tastes changed.

And I began my love affair with butter. Which has remained an undying kind of love. It’s true what they say, you know. Buttah makes everything bettah. Well….almost everything….

Honestly, I know, have known for years the evils thereof. And I try to eat butter in moderation. Seriously, I do! I substitute olive oil frequently! But there’s just something about that velvety melting on one’s tongue that only butter provides….


Early in our marriage, before the advent of Costco, before I began buying 4 1 pound packages of butter at a time (the Costco way), I used to buy a pound of Land O’ Lakes here, a pound there. It was used in baking, occasionally in cooking, and from time to time on a lovely slice of toast. But then, one day, maybe it was our first Thanksgiving where my siblings came to visit, my husband had a shocking realization: I came from a family of Butter Eaters. Where butter consumption was concerned, my siblings seemed to him to be Black Holes. Butter was sucked down their gaping maws like there was no tomorrow. The BB began to develop an appreciation for my own personal discipline and moderation in the realm of butter consumption.

Look at me: butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth. (I’m lying.)
In fact, as holidays and family visits approached, he would ask casually, “So…when are the Butter Eaters coming?”
Well, dear siblings of mine: the last laugh is yours. He had a heart attack, and you didn’t. Ha HA! That’ll show him! And, I’m stuck looking around for deliciousness without butter. Or, at least, where butter is used in moderation.
Which leads me to today’s recipe.
See, I bought some peaches, and the Big Bison was looking through our VitaMix cookbook for a healthy dessert, and he saw a lovely one for peach ice cream. “Hey, honey,” he called from the kitchen, “Want me to chop up and freeze these peaches? I think we can make peach ice cream if we freeze them.”
What wife is going to turn down kitchen help, I ask you???
“Yeah, hon, that’d be great!”
So, the BB allegedly chopped and froze said peaches. 
Next night, he proudly brings me a bowl of “his creation” (to be read with your best Peter Lorre imitation voice). Mmmmm…peach ice cream. Fresh! And no cream! No butter! Just healthy peach yumminess!!! 
You’d think…
But….you’d be mistaken….
I taste a bite of the cool peachy goodness…mmm….and I notice The Bison is putting his thumb and forefinger up to his lips, and picking something off, and is sporting a slightly troubled expression on his face. There is a furrow in his brow.
“What’s wrong?” I ask, cocking my head slightly to the side.
“Pit. Bith of pit.” he lisps, picking one of the offending interlopers off his tongue.
My fresh peach ice cream is littered with the detritus of a ground up peach pit.
It seems the Big Bison accidentally froze a peach pit, which was dumped unceremoniously into the VitaMix. Now, for those of you who are VitaMix Virgins out there, a VitaMix is a blender that is nothing short of a wood chipper. That baby can chew up anything you’d throw in there, maybe even body parts, for all I know. But a peach pit won’t even cause it to break a sweat. Know what I mean?
But the story gets better…or worse…. 
Peach pits apparently have cyanide. You know, that almond-smelling poison that figures so prominently in so many Agatha Christie novels?
Well, thank God we didn’t find THAT out till the following morning, after we’d lived through the night with no ill effects. My friends who’ve had the courage to google for me tell me that it would have taken a lot more cyanide than what you find in one peach pit to have poisoned us. If I’d known that the night before, after I ate the ice cream, (and yes, I PICKED OUT ALL THE PEACH PIT BITS, it was THAT GOOD!!!!) I wouldn’t have slept a wink.
Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy seeing the evidence….
Bits o’pits
And because it was THAT GOOD, (and I never post a recipe I don’t find to be stellar) I thought those of you who have hung in to the end of my tale might enjoy a wonderful NO BUTTER NO CREAM recipe for wonderful, guilt free Peach Ice Cream…sans the pit.
You will probably need a VitaMix to make this, unless you have a really, really good blender of another persuasion that can tackle making ice cream. But don’t go burning yours up if you don’t think it can handle frozen peaches and turning them into ice cream.
Slightly Melted Peachy Goodness
Peach Ice Cream
1 cup Sweet Acidopholus Milk (you can use skim, or 1% or 2%, but we like sweet Acidopholus, so there you have it)
1 lb. frozen peaches
1/2 c. Agave Nectar (you can use sugar, but we’re trying to do stuff lower on the glycemic index)
1/2 t. vanilla extract
1/2 t. almond extract
Place all ingredients in the VitaMix in the order listed, and put the lid on. Select VARIABLE, speed #1. Turn on machine and increase speed to #10, and then to HIGH. Use the tamper to press the ingredients into the blades while processing. In about 30 to 60 seconds, four mounds should appear on top of the mixture, and the sound of the motor will change, indicating your deliciousness is ready to be consumed! Turn the motor off and serve immediately, or the ice cream will start to melt.
Got any Butter Eaters in your family tree? Any plans for peaches this summer? Any recipe mishap stories you’d like to share? Let’s talk!
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  1. I hadn’t made any special plans for peaches, until now! The recipe looks amazing and I’ve taken note of the hilarious, and possibly dangerous, pit issue.

    I’ve found a decent butter substitute called Earth Balance. I use it sparingly, and I doubt it’s good for cooking, but it is great for toast and things of that nature. There are several different kinds to try, and it’s available at Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods, and Publix. It’s worth a try!

  2. Whole Paycheck: LOVE THAT! Possibly stealing it soon in a blog post near you!

  3. Stephanie (Just Me) says

    Mmmm, definitely giving this a try.

    My grandpa actually fed me the little almond-like kernel of a peach pit once when I was a girl. He had read up on it (he was a bit of a Euell Gibbons type) and knew it was safe, but boy did my mom flip when she found out what he’d done! As a mom now, I completely understand her reaction.

  4. Apple pips contain arsenic. Collect half a cupfull to add to muesli for someone you love to hate. Best plan in advance tho and make sure they’re well insured :O)

  5. The peach ice cream looks and sounds amazing. I know just what you mean about butter!!! Everything is better in butter, but it’s so bad!!!

  6. Oh yum! And I just happen to have some peaches waiting to be used. I guess I’ll be freezing them tonight for some yumminess tomorrow!

  7. I a butter eater! I used to gobble entire mouthfuls when I could get away with it as a kid.

    At my house we make our own spreadable butter. Equal parts butter and safflower (or canola or any other mild tasting oil of choice) oil. In blender until smooth. pour into container for the fridge. It’s soft and spreadable right out of the fridge.

    I use it in baking too.

    The only place it has caused problems is pie crust.

  8. Oh my gosh, Jane, you made me laugh.

    I love bircher muesli…ask my friend Anne!

    Anne….remember how my tummy hurt after I ate that bircher muesli at your house?

  9. Stephanie/JustMe I used to crack peach pits open to get that almondy goodness out. Maybe that’s why I decided not to let myself get too worried….and then, there was that supposed cancer cure from peach pits, in Mexico. Anyone remember that? Laetrile?

  10. Now I don’t feel bad for not having a Vitamix… LOL!

  11. I heart butter! we tried to substitute margarine many years ago. all I can say is…ick!

  12. Ahh, butter! I used to eat sticks of it like candy bars as a kid! There’s no room for margarine at this house.

    The peach ice cream looks fabulous! Glad you’re still around to tell the tale! I wonder if this would work with figs? We picked a ton of figs yesterday… Though I don’t have a Vitamix.

  13. Think I could do that with apricots? I have a tree and, so, an overflow of apricots. Jam just seems so dull year after year!

  14. I have frozen peaches.
    I have a VitaMix.

    I have a plan for dessert tonight, thankyouverymuch 🙂

    As for butter. Um…yeah. LOVE it. I try to stretch it and make it more healthy by doing 1# butter, 1/2 c. cold water, 1/2 c. olive oil. VitaMix it ’till smooth and wonderful and voilia. A healthier option. If you find out this is not true – don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.

  15. @Elizabeth: How can anything THAT GOOD be all bad, right?

  16. @Jen: I hope you enjoy your peachy goodness as much as I did!

  17. @Robin: I bet we will live to the ripe old age of something or other, and end our years eating butter together. Happy.

  18. @Ellen: I <3 butter, too!!! Margarine is of the debil.

  19. @BeckyJ: your own fresh figs??? How awesome is that? I made a dip for a panini at Anne’s house that was just Dijon mustard and fig preserves, mixed together. We made paninis out of (leftover) grilled pork tenderloin and havarti and basil, on ciabatta, and then grilled them, and dipped them in that fig/mustard mixture. DIVINE!!!!!!!!!

  20. @Saretta; I don’t see why not! Apricots sound awesome.

    You know, Ruth Reichl, the former editor of Gourmet magazine, has an apricot pie recipe that is her most favorite pie. But I’ve never had any apricots to try it with. Can you google it?

    Or, try that Dijon mustard mixed with apricot jam thingdo dip a grilled panini in – like a grilled ham and cheese. That would be awesome! Sweet, spicy, salty all together!

  21. @Faith; AWESOME. This recipe is for you! Should make you happy and healthy, too!

  22. Girrlll! Do you know that I could happily eat butter with a spoon? That is why I don’t keep it in the house.

  23. And now I know, if I ever need to murder someone, a ground up peach pit shall do.

    I still would have eaten it, even if I would have known. This is a very funny story though.

  24. Just found you through cheeseboy … you’re great! I’m your newest follower.

  25. Stephanie (Just Me) says

    Just reporting back, I made this last night and it was delicious! The little splash of almond really brings out the peachy goodness. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  26. Love the Whole Paycheck comment. We say that too. 🙂 Butter has always been fine in moderation. Almost anything is in moderation. Some people are predisposed to heart issues (as is my hubby who had surgery). Eat healthy, exercise and have treats (like ice cream) once in a while. Good luck with everything and have a great weekend!

  27. Nice amazing post thanks for sharing i just love this.

  28. I bet that all kids want to check out this ice cream…

  29. Found your similar recipe on another site with less liquid. . It turned out well, but I think the almond extract is a bit overpowering. Next time, I'll make it without. Thank you

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