Dueling Linzer Hearts Cookies

Linzer Heart cookies are romantic, and tasty, and I decided to set up a duel to see which recipe was better: my old favorite from the Silver Palate cookbook, or a recipe I stumbled across by Chef Alex Guaranaschelli.    Which Recipe for Linzer Heart Cookies Will Prevail?   I posted a recipe for Linzer […]

Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake with Raspberry Sauce

 I made this cake, Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake with Raspberry Sauce, specifically for my sweet husband. To his way of thinking, there is no better Valentine’s Day Gift than this.    If it’s NOT Valentine’s day, I have no justification for this recipe whatsoever other than…chocolate.   If you are health conscious, as we […]

Two Christmas Cookie Recipes: Raspberry Shortbread and Chocolate Caramel Treasures

Are you looking for a recipe or two for some wonderful Christmas cookies? I won two different cookie contests in my small ‘burg in the Boonies with these delicious recipes. Chocolate Caramel Treasures and Raspberry Shortbread are my two prize winning recipes. And if you’re not looking to cook, the story of how I became the […]