Shake It Off

Have you ever realized, after the fact, that you had been given a test, and you failed it? I have. I failed one on Sunday. With all my posting on the psalms, with all my love of God’s Word, I expect more of myself than what I am about to reveal in the following incident. […]

I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

Are you old enough to remember that old commercial? Picture a bunch of young fresh faced hippies on a mountain top, singing a catchy little ditty. Begin swaying. Pop open a frosty bottle of Coke, and sing along. OK, everybody back from your Coke break? I hope you paid special attention to that phrase, “perfect […]

Holy Smoke!

Today’s post really piggybacks onto Monday’s post, “Never Give In”, so not to discourage you from reading this one if you HAVEN’T read that one, but I think what I want to say today will be more meaningful to you if you have read and meditated on the first half of Psalm 132. Just sayin’. […]