My Word for the Year in 2017: Trust

I’m closing out the year 2016 with a post on faith. As I reflect back on my life this year, I’m also doing a bit of thinking ahead in regard to the fast approaching new year of 2017. I’m indulging myself in dabbling in a bit of dreaming – in imagining what my life in this […]

Finding the Balance

I’m afraid this painting isn’t going to give you the instant point that I am trying to make, but I love it so much that I really want to use it. It’s a Vermeer, and it’s called “Woman Holding a Balance”. Which is the point I’m going for, but you’ll really have to look hard […]

Back to the Basics

OK, I know I have been AWOL for a while now. And I’m sorry about that. I have been trying to solve some health issues that have been plaguing me, and I think my doctor and I are on the right track. It seems I have some hypothyroid issues going on. So, for several weeks […]