Psalm 4: Of Secret Stashes and Caches

Psalm 4: Lest you think God’s Word no longer applies….

The NIV study Bible has a text note that helped me understand this psalm better this morning than perhaps I have done in the past. It says that David probably wrote this psalm in the face of some crisis in the nation, possibly drought, which was causing the people of Israel to turn to the Canaanite gods in their desire to save their crops, their livelihood, and their future.

Let’s see here. That sounds remarkably like an economic slowdown. Which sounds vaguely familiar…

David urges the men NOT to love delusions or seek false gods.

In verse 3 he says,

” Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself;
the Lord will hear when I call to him.”

What do you set apart for yourself?

At my house, there is precious little I get to enjoy these days that doesn’t get devoured first by the Mongol hordes, who are also known as my husband and children. Any delectable little num-num that comes into the house seems to go directly into THEIR pie-holes, running quickly through their GI tract and directly into our septic tank. Too graphic for ya? Well, you get the idea.

A few weeks ago I went to a wonderful health food store known as Trader Joe’s. I had been given a little insider information by Jen, one of my virtually emaginary friends, that their dark chocolate covered almonds were just da bomb. So I purchased a tub of these dainties of deliciousness, and secreted them away in the area of our house known as the butler’s pantry. Hardly anyone ever looks there, since we have no Jeeves residing here, catering to our every whim. Well, don’t you know, my dear husband AKA “Hoovie” for his ability to vacuum up whatever delicacies (LIKE CHEX MIX) I have made for the holidays (THREE batches he sucked down, with me getting barely a TASTE… but I digress) – yes, Hoovie himself found the secreted dark chocolate covered almonds. DANG!!!

Why the rant you ask?

Well, it occurred to me this morning while I was reading Psalm 4, that I set apart the very best treasures for myself largely because I am a selfish girl. God isn’t greedy, like I am. But when God sets aside the godly for Himself, it IS because He treasures us.

And on days like today, when I wonder if my prayers are just bouncing back off the ceiling, and in times like these, when prices are escalating, and jobs are being lost right and left, and 401k’s are disintegrating, isn’t it good to know that our Father treasures us, and WILL HEAR US when we call to Him?

You should go read that psalm. It’s a good one. And be sure and tell your Father in Heaven that you treasure Him, too. I think He enjoys that kind of thing.

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