World’s Best (and Easiest) Lasagna

Welcome to the recipe for the World’s Best and Easiest Lasagna. I’m about to make all your Lasagna dreams come true! Sadly, however, I am about to fall from grace, in the eyes of some of you. However, let me just go ahead and ‘fess up, right off the bat: the World’s Best (and Easiest) […]

Homemade Lasagna plus a “How to” Video

This recipe for Homemade Lasagna plus a “How to” Video is different from my other lasagna recipe, for the World’s Easiest Lasagna,World’s Easiest Lasagna, in two ways. First, it’s made with a homemade tomato sauce, whereas my other recipe relies on jarred sauce. Second, since I came up with this recipe while partnering with Red […]

Appetizer for an Italian Feast: Mixed Antipasto

This recipe for a Mixed Antipasto Platter is not only delicious, it’s absolutely a show stopper, in terms of appearance. Your guests will be eager to dig in and decide which of the delicacies they like best. The Big Night The title I originally gave this post, The Big Night, is a reference to a […]