Dog Duties, #2

Yesterday I told you about Deacon D. Dawg’s Morning Dog Duties. And, of course, because I’m inwardly 13 years old when it comes to my sense of humor, I was irresistibly drawn to the thought that “duties” sounds like “doodies”. 😀 Well, today, I’d like to talk about Dog Duties, #2. 😀 Although, as irony […]

The Dog Days Aren’t Over: Dog Duties

Aren’t you glad I’m talking about Dog Duties, and not Dog Doodies? Me, too. Now that we’ve scooped that pun out of the way. let’s talk about morning dog duties out here in the woods. You’ve got a job. I’ve got a job. All God’s chilluns got jobs. Even my dogs have jobs, God love […]

Update: This Paper Boy Still Delivers

Neither rain, nor hail, nor life threatening breathing crisis will deter this good boy from his appointed rounds. He pins his ears back like that when he’s really, really happy. You know, down at the vet’s office, they’re all talking about him. Oh, yes, Deacon D. Dawg is the talk of the town: the “Miracle […]