Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

No, really. Who says so? I may have just discovered evidence to the contrary. Here’s how it came about: On Friday, I went to the women’s group that I attend each week, and listened to one of the ladies tell her story. She hails from Bogata, Columbia, and her life is a living testimony to […]

Gates of Brass

I know I haven’t been blogging much, but if I don’t talk about this, I think I’m going to blow up. I’ve been pretty low, lately. Pretty much in a funk. But the Lord has really GOOD hearing, and can even hear you when you’re lying face down in a wagon wheel rut. Which works […]

*That* Susan Williams and the Sexiest Man Alive

Now I KNOW y’all think I am talking about my Big Bison, and in point of fact, with a title like this one, I should be! There is no sexier man alive than my gorgeous hunk of a husband, and if you don’t share my opinion: well, good! More for me!!! But, since lately I […]