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When the healing comes

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My friend Lisa Bevill is struggling with a monster that is attempting to suck the joy and peace from her life, by striking out at her health. This monster is known as Lyme Disease, and she is not the only friend I have who is suffering from it.

But I also have other friends who are battling chronic pain through fibromyalgia and arthritis. And still others who are in the fight of their lives with cancer: breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Oh, it pains my heart just to think of the lovely ones for whom it has been my privilege – I mean it – my privilege to pray.

But the reason I am naming Lisa in particular, is because Lisa sent me a link tonight to a beautiful video she just posted on youtube. Lisa is a professional singer who has sung on music my dear husband has produced, but she has also become my friend through the Friday morning Bible study we both attend. Since she shared her beautiful song with me, I’d love to share it with you, too, and hope that you will pass it along to anyone else who is waiting for their healing.Listen, and be blessed. And pass the blessing along. You’ll see that Lisa has the voice of an angel, and I believe there is a link on the youtube link to her own website, in case you are interested in purchasing this song, or any of her other beautiful music.


Friday 24th of April 2009

Beautiful song.

Theresa in WV

Wednesday 22nd of April 2009

Thank you. Just thank you.Oh, here come the tears again!


Wednesday 22nd of April 2009

Beautiful song! Thank you for sharing.