Life has its Seasons

And I kind of suspect that my Deacon D. Dawg may be in the October of his life. But seasons are to be celebrated, so today, won’t you celebrate with me a beautiful October in the Boonies, as seen from off the balcony off my husband’s studio? As, I type this, it’s very early, and […]

Walking….But Not By Sight.

Walking…But Not By Sight: a Devotional Post Why I Went Walking in the Dark We’ve had an issue here at our house that has caused us (me) problems. We live in the Boonies. We have an electric fence that our dogs have been trained to stay inside. The fence wire (which is an underground wire) […]

The Verdict Is In

I told you so. I’ve been telling you for years. If you know me in real life, for YEARS I have been telling you that I have a bad dog. Here’s his mug shot, as he wears the Cone of Shame: Deacon D. Dawg has been trouble since Day One. For the first three years […]