Sweet Impact Truffle Cups/Fudge Giveaway

Sweet Impact sent me product to try, and asked for my honest review. So here they are. Other than getting to try the product for free, I received no compensation. I have a friend who has a sweet dream. She dreams of making a real difference in this world on the lives of women and […]

Help Advise Best Buy; Earn PayPal Gift Codes

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. ATTENTION TECH SHOPPERS!!! I know it feels like school just ended, and we ~just~ got some of them graduated, but you know what? Before you know it, it will be the beginning of a new school year, and many […]

Remaining in Him

I’ve been reading the gospel of John, and today I arrived at chapter 15. If ever there was a chapter that could cause me to fall in love with the heart of Jesus, it’s this chapter. Here, the apostle John has preserved the words that Jesus was speaking to his disciples the night he was […]