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Sweet Impact Truffle Cups/Fudge Giveaway

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Sweet Impact Truffle Cups Review and Giveaway

Sweet Impact Truffle Cups Review and Giveaway.

Sweet Impact sent me product to try, and asked for my honest review. So here they are. Other than getting to try the product for free, I received no compensation.

I have a friend who has a sweet dream. She dreams of making a real difference in this world on the lives of women and children that she doesn’t know personally, but who are in real need. She dreams of ending a practice that is cruel and inhuman. And, she dreams of selling a product that will overwhelmingly please the palates of all who try it, whether they know her good intent for the world, or not. In short, she dreams of having a sweet impact on this planet. Which, coincidentally (or NOT!) is what she named her chocolate making company: Sweet Impact

Now, Kristi, you must understand, is a real friend, but she’s also a friend I’ve never met. We’re part of a Facebook group of homeschool moms, about 275 strong, who met years ago on a homeschool curriculum forum. So although I’ve known her for 10 years, I’ve never met her. And thus, I’ve heard about her chocolate for years, but never tasted it, until this month, when Kristi asked me if she could send me a box.

Please tell me who in her right mind would turn down a box of homemade chocolate fudge, and chocolates?

After demurring, “Please don’t throw me in that briar patch!” for about one second, I told her I’d be glad to review it, but only if she was OK with me sharing my honest opinion, which she assured me, was all she’d want.

Sweet Impact Truffle Cups Review and Giveaway

This is fudge that is more like the inside of a truffle, than it is fudge. Thus, the name “naked truffles’. They’ll soon be changing its format into “truffle cups”.

She learned the secret recipe for the fudge she makes from a dear friend of hers. But after learning that much of the world’s chocolate is made unethically (and that includes employing methods that damage our environment and utilize child slavery), Kristi decided that she wanted to use the recipe she’d been gifted to promote delicious, high quality chocolate that is ethically produced. The profits from Sweet Impact chocolates go to support two programs that directly impact women and children in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, C.R.E.E.R.—a group home for children rescued out of slavery on the Cacao plantations and CAMFED.  That’s $2.00 of each pound of gourmet fudge that you purchase. 

Kristi has lots more great information on her site, Sweet Impact, and I’d encourage you to read it. I read every word, and she’s made a believer out of me. But the real proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Or in the chocolates, in this case.

Kristi told me that her fudge was more like the inside of a gourmet chocolate truffle, and asked me to “taste and see”, as it were. And I have to agree that even more than good old American fudge, (which I love) that Kristi’s fudge is so very creamy that it reminds me more of a truffle. In fact, my understanding is that at Sweet Impact, they are changing the name of their beloved fudge, to “Naked Truffles”. (Because most truffles have some outer dusting of cocoa or other confection on their exterior, while her fudge does not.)   😀 Perfect! That’s what I say.

Because, if you’re anything like me, one taste of her naked truffles will have you thinking about sharing it with your significant other…. clothes optional.

Or maybe that really *is* just me.


Sweet Impact Truffle Cups Review and Giveaway

These are the chocolates that Kristi learned how to make from a chocolatier.

Kristi’s also been taking classes from a chocolatier at Ecole Chocolat, and has some gorgeous individual chocolates that she’s been working on, so don’t miss out on taking a look at those as well. The ones she sent me were a Lemon Lavender cream in dark chocolate, a peanut butter cup,  a 70% dark chocolate shell with a liquid dark caramel center called Midnight Caramel, a  38% Peruvian milk chocolate, dusted with edible gold luster dust, a bourbon salted maple caramel, dipped in Peruvian milk chocolate and topped with black Hawaiian lava salt, and a caramel, dipped in 65% Ecuadorian dark, topped with Yakima salt (applewood smoked). 


Wipe your chin, dear. You’re drooling.

Sweet Impact Truffle Cups Review and Giveaway

The Lemon Lavender Delight was my most favorite, and really too creamy to be removed from the container it came in.

Our family’s personal favorites were the Midnight Caramel: a dark chocolate with  Aztec gliphs in a 70% dark chocolate shell, and a liquid dark caramel center, and the Lemon Lavender Cream Heart, in dark chocolate.

As for the Naked Truffles (the soon-to-be-called Truffle Cups, formerly known as “fudge”) Lemon Lavender was again my own personal favorite, followed closely by Dark Chocolate Peppermint. My husband liked the Dark Chocolate Salted Pecan Fudge.

The Giveaway

What about you? Would you like to get a taste of Kristi’s Sweet Impact Truffle Cups?
Then I have good news for you! Kristi told me I could sponsor a giveaway for a box of 8 truffle cups. That way you can get a taste of all 8 varieties of her “naked truffles” (the truffles formerly known as fudge).

(And let’s all pause and think of Prince for a moment.)

OK, back to the giveaway. What I want you to do is to tell me your favorite flavor fudge. All other entries are optional, but each will count as an entry, and will be greatly appreciated. 

All entrants must be 18 or older, and residents of the USA. I’ll notify you by email that you’ve won, and you’ll have 48 hrs to return my email, giving me your address, or a new winner will be chosen. 

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Ashley Kolpak

Sunday 3rd of July 2016

I would like to try the Dark Chocolate Salted Pecan Fudge


Friday 1st of July 2016

How Sweet! Dark Chocolate Salted Pecan Fudge! Dark Chocolate, and pecans would have been enough but add the salt and I too need to wipe away the drool!


Wednesday 29th of June 2016

Almond orange spice intrigues me. I'd eat that one first.


Wednesday 29th of June 2016

lemon lavender for sure!


Wednesday 29th of June 2016

I would LOVE the dark chocolate salted caramel. Or anything else!