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The Drought, and the God Particle

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It’s been dry, dry, dry around here lately. And it’s not just the soil that has suffered: my spirit feels withered as well.

I told someone the other day that if life is a test, I feel like I’m failing it these days.

And then, out of the blue…

(Who could have predicted it? Our weathermen certainly didn’t.)

…out of the literal blue, came gray. And clouds. And rain.


Two days of hair frizzing, gutter sputtering, ground soaking, gully washing rain.

And the brown grass around the Nashville area guzzled greedily, and overnight, became a glorious green.

And the whole town, gazing upward in wonder at the downpour and inhaling deeply the rain-laden air, stretched wide our collective arms, smiled, and exhaled.


In seemingly unrelated news, apparently, scientists believe they’ve discovered what they call “the God particle“. It’s an elusive little sub-atomic particle, a thing whose existence scientists have been looking to prove for years, because proving its existence would help explain not only why things have mass, but would also prove correct other scientific theories that exist, regarding the laws that govern how things behave at the sub-atomic level.

So, I’ve been thinking about this “God particle”, and the One who created the laws that govern the sub-atomic realms that we can’t even see, and that scientists are only beginning to understand, and that I really don’t understand at all. And I’ve been trying to relate them to things that, experientially, I DO understand.

Here’s what Paul says in Colossians 1, that in Christ, all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, things visible and invisible. Paul says that all things were created through Christ and for Christ, and that it’s in Him that all things hold together.

And, this I do know and understand about myself: it’s Christ  that holds ME together. And without Him, I’m missing my own God particle. Because Jesus came to reconcile me to my Father in heaven. And He came to send the Spirit of God, who proceeds from the Father, to live inside me. My very own, indwelling God particle.

But why would He do this? Why would He connect me to Himself? Dried out, weak and weary as I am? Not because I’m worthy. Not because I’m “passing” some “test”. But just because the Father loves me. So much so that He sent His Son, to rescue me from the dominion of darkness, and to bring me into the kingdom of the Son He loves.

Therefore…in light of this…I want His Spirit to invade every part of my life: my waking, my sleeping, my hopes, my dreams, my thoughts, my prayers, my speech, my writing, my watching, my waiting, my laughing, my grieving.

I want the rain of the Spirit to green up my soul, because the drought has been fierce, and my soul’s soil has been parched, and my heart has been hard.

Who could have predicted it: that unexpected, soul washing, spirit reviving downpour?

Bring it, Lord. I’m stretching wide my arms, and opening my heart.

What about you? Feeling the drought?

God loves you, just like you are.

He is opening His arms and His heart to you, too.

I’d love to hear from you.