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Blogging Conferences: Inspiration at Blissdom

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Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about blogging conferences? Really, it’s a lot of time and money. And, let’s face it: your time IS extremely valuable. Time really is money.

No one can keep all the plates of your life spinning in the air half as well as you can.

This is true.

I remember the first time my friend Anne told me that she was going to attend a blogging conference or two in the coming year, and she wanted to take me with her. And that there were two conferences that I should absolutely go to: one that was short and sweet and perfect for a newbie, (Bloggy Boot Camp, Atlanta)  and one that was fairly large, and very, very close to my home (Blissdom).

I thought she’d lost her mind to the people who were ladling out the Blogging KoolAid.

Well, in one way, she kinda had.

But in another way, she was kinda right.

Yesterday, I told you about my main takeaway value from Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta: “it’s the PEOPLE, stupid!”.

(Not that YOU’RE stupid :-D. )

Today, I’m going to tell you how I found inspiration at Blissdom, and why maybe you should, too.

It was still about the people, but it was also about the inspiration.

Do you know what the word “inspire” really means? “In” + “spiro” from the Greek: which means, quite literally, to breathe life into. To put “spirit” inside someone.  Like when God created Adam, and breathed His life-giving breath into Adam’s nostrils,  the Bible says that “Adam became a living soul”.

Me Ra Koh left me inspired and weeping: longing to speak for those who can’t, whether through my words, or through the pictures that I take or use. I want to tell people’s stories! (And then, she laughed at my joke in the hallway. BONUS!!! 😀 )

Diane Cu and Todd Porter, of White on Rice Couple, two of my personal heroes in the food blogging world, inspired me with their presentation in their photography workshop.  They challenged me to not be afraid to depict the deliciousness of the imperfections of life. Then, they surprised me with their warmth as they sat in as participants with me in another workshop.  I got to listen to them up close and personal at our table  where THEY were participants like I was (!!!), as we all brainstormed our way through how we see our values communicated through what we blog about. I was able to give them a little feedback on what I see their blog communicating, from the viewpoint of an outsider who is a devoted reader. How often do you get the opportunity to communicate one on one with your heroes, face to face, as they are working through evaluating themselves? (Um….practically NEVER???)

The California Raisin left me inspired to not worry so much about a few wrinkles. 

Harrison Ford inspired me to always have a glass of milk handy, in case he needed one: “Got Milk?”
“Sure, Harrison. Whatever you need.”
My friend Anne, who inspired me to go to a blogging conference in the first place, with my friend Anissa, who I’d SAY inspired me…but then…

…she’d go getting all paranoid about being “inspirational” and stuff and go incognito.

My friend Anne also inspired me over a year ago to take a risk by buying a sequined evening dress in a Goodwill store and waiting for the event I could wear it to. (If you buy it, it will come…)And then she inspired me to try wearing false eyelashes for the very first time in my life.

Here I am with my pal Chloe, rocking the false eyelashes and the Goodwill sequins.

And then, there was the inspiration that comes from being with dear friends who love you and listen to you and seeing yourself not merely as someone’s Mom or teacher, but as a person with hopes, dreams, desires, passions, and a VOICE.  That’s pretty inspirational as well.

Talk about some time to cut loose and set your spirit free?

My friend Chloe inspired me to laugh, which she nearly ALWAYS does.

So, really: take a little sip of the KoolAid.

You might find yourself inspired, too!