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Happy Birthday to Me!

My dear husband, the Big Bison took me out to dinner last night where we were treated the way you OUGHT to be treated on your birthday: with sumptuous food and drink, with warmth, and concern for our every need. They even showed concern that the load that our pocketbook was carrying might be too heavy, because it left the restaurant considerably lightened. We were greeted by name when we walked in the door, and by no less than 3 others of their wait staff.  They took our picture, and catered to our every whim. Hooray for Morton’s! If you go there between now and March 31, they have a special Steak and Seafood for two deal that includes two salads, two seafood appetizers (scallops for hubby, crab cake for me) two entrées (prime beef: I had the filet, my hubby had the ribeye) one potato to share (HUGE), one veggie to share (grilled asparagus for us) and two desserts, for $109.00 (although my hubby’s steak was a slight upgrade). For Morton’s, that’s a savings. So, I heartily endorse the deal!

Here’s the birthday pic they took of us:

The Last Supper of my 52nd year.

Yesterday, my dear, dear Bison made me a birthday cake with the help of our daughter and a recipe borrowed from the Barefoot Contessa. The Barefoot Contessa, she can throw down on some birthday cake, and aside from a bit of a  CRUNCH from the coarse kosher salt that the Bison used (Hey! He was just following the recipe!) it was a fantastic cake! So, this morning, we all had birthday cake for breakfast. Is there a better way to start off your next year of life? I think not!

Breakfast of Champions

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy my birthday, won’t you?

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  1. Happy Birthday, "Sooze"! What a nice way to celebrate your special day…

  2. Happy birthday Susan!!

  3. What a great dinner & hurray for birthday cake for the mom!! I AM enjoying your birthday. Going a bit slow after partying at MM9's birthday yesterday, but it is a good day, nonetheless. 🙂

  4. HEY! Lookit my two beautiful friends!I'm enjoying your Birthday Sooze.I pray you have a great day! *hug*

  5. So Happy you had a great day!Thea

  6. Is one of those forks for me?You look loved and fabulous at 53. I love that you aren't afraid to say your age.You wear it well, girl.

  7. Happy (belated) Birthday, Sooze! Glad you were able to be pampered and treated to such delectable food. Sounds like a truly wonderful day!

  8. Sounds like a great birthday, Boonie Babe. Here's the the next 53 years!I want the recipe for salt cake.

  9. Anne:He did 1/2 of Ina's recipe for Birthday Sheet Cake, and a vanilla buttercream icing, that also had a touch of almond extract in it.Here's a link to the cake.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you, Susan! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Susan in the Boonies!!

  12. Amazing cake and such a pretty candle collection. We start doing similar shorthand or using larger base numbers, safer than lighting all the individual candles dontcha think?

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