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The Best Christmas Music Ever

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The holiday season is upon us, and I don’t know about you, but I want to be purposeful in how I spend my time this holiday season. I really DO want to make Thanksgiving a time where I actually spend time meditating on the things for which I’m thankful. I really do want to spend time giving thanks to God for those things. I really do want to focus on the gift that Jesus is to this world. I want the people who come to my home to celebrate the holidays with me to find my home to be a place where they can lay their burdens down for a while, and be surrounded by the love of Christ.

Many of you know that I am married to a musician, who writes music for advertising for a living. About 15 years ago, my husband got the idea to record some Christmas music with our friend Bill Sinclair, a very talented guy who plays soprano saxophone and harmonica, among other instruments. The really cool thing about it was that Bill came to my husband and said, “I’ve got this great idea for a project that I’d like to try,” and my husband said, “Oh, really! I’ve had an idea that I wanted to talk about with you, too! Why don’t you go first, and tell me your idea, and then, I’ll tell you mine.” And, as you have probably guessed, they had each been given the same idea, and the result of that shared vision was a beautiful project of instrumental Christmas music entitled, “Bethlehem Morning”. We asked our friend Tracy Reynolds who plays keyboards to do the ivory tickling on the first project, and when we updated some of the sounds a couple of years ago, my husband asked our friend Larry Hall, another pro musician in town to replace some of Tracy’s electronic keyboard parts. I think the cello playing by John Catchings is one of my favorite parts of the project. I’m a sucker for it, because you know there’s always room for cello. 😀

Anyway, here’s a link so that you can go listen to some of the loveliness, so that you can try before you buy, because I KNOW you will want to own this gorgeous music, and play it as you decorate your tree, or entertain guests, or open presents, or just sit and sip a cup of Christmas cheer after the kids have gone to bed.

The Best Christmas Music Ever is a claim I don’t make lightly, kids! So go check out my link, and give a listen, and see what you think!

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Iron Guy Carl

Friday 26th of November 2010

This is Carl Schwanke, Kate Carrier's husband, and I agree with you that this is The Best Christmas Music Ever. Kate gave me a cassette copy when we were dating way back in 1992 and I became thoroughly enamored of it (and her!). We got a cd copy when we came through Nashville one year. We've made it a tradition that it's the first Christmas cd we play.


Wednesday 17th of November 2010

I wholeheartedly agree about the Christmas album being one of the best. I wore my cassette copy out and was so glad when I found it on CD.Always one of my favorites and I make sure others hear it also.Blessings,Jim D


Tuesday 16th of November 2010

I DID IT! Thanks for the directions. You now have one more vote for Best Encourager!!!!!!! I wish I was coming to your house for Thanksgiving Day! Maybe next year? Really.