How to Make Caramel Cake: Heaven on a Plate

Are you ready for that most luscious of Southern cakes? Caramel Cake? I whisper its very name, in reverence. Caramel Cake: heaven on a plate.     In the words of my dear friend Martha, who was an Episcopal priest, “Could a mere mortal make such a thing?” Yes, you CAN make a Caramel Cake.  […]

My Mother, My Daughter, My Self

I was on vacation last week when I first saw this picture.   I confess, it took my breath away. I had never seen it before.  It’s a picture of my grandfather, Jack, his wife, Rhoda, and their firstborn, an adorable little girl, who grew up to become my mother. It was probably taken somewhere […]

A Day Late, and a Mom Short.

23 years later.     This picture was taken 23 years ago, and is the best of the last of the pictures that I have of my Mom. She died 5 months after I got married, and one week before I turned 30. My sister ended up with a lot of the family photographs, so […]