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Rejection Doesn’t Have To Be the End of the Story

Rejection Stinks Rejection is the feeling of being dismissed, devalued, or unwanted. If I were to ask you, “Have you ever felt rejected?”, would that trigger some thoughts, or a memory for you? I’m guessing that since you’ve walked this planet long enough to have learned how to read and click the link that brought …

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Everything’s Connected

I’ve been noticing lately that everything’s connected in my life. When I take the time to look, events that might at first glance seem to have happened randomly, upon closer inspection, have common threads running through them.  When I reflect further, I often find areas where God might be speaking to me – there – …

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The Cure, Chapter 5: Two Healings

The fifth chapter in the book, The Cure, is called Two Healings, for a reason.  The subject matter of the chapter revolves around forgiveness.  One type of healing – which is actually no healing at all – is the  result of us white-knuckling our way to forgiveness through reciting the right words, but with no true change …

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