Molasses Crinkles: an Award Winning Cookie

Molasses Crinkles cookies are scrumptious: soft, and chewy on the inside, packed with sweet, spicy gingery flavor, with a bit of a crunch on the outside. Not to mention, they are absolutely addictive. And SUPER easy to make. When you’ve made a cookie several times a year since 2002, you know you have a winner! […]

Buttery, Easy, Scottish Shortbread Cookies

There’s no cookie quite so simple, nor so sublime, as buttery, easy, Scottish Shortbread cookies. When made correctly, they are tender, flaky, and absolutely melt in your mouth. This recipe will teach you how to achieve those results.   Are Scottish Shortbread Cookies A Christmas Tradition? When I was young, shortbread was a Christmas treat. Our […]

Frosted Malt Chocolate Cookies with Sea Salt

These gorgeous chocolate cookies, Frosted Malt Chocolate Cookies with Sea Salt, are perfect for Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, or for anyone you know who loves chocolate, on any day at all.   My Husband Wanted These Chocolate Cookies My husband spotted a picture of these Frosted Malt Chocolate Cookies on the cover of the December issue […]