Gentleness Is Not For Weenies

This week’s fruit of the Spirit that I’m studying has been “gentleness”. As I was getting ready to open the workbook, and imagining how Beth Moore might approach this fruit, I was feeling a little relieved. I mean, week after week, she keeps teaching things that convict me. I don’t THINK she’s been trying to […]

Walking….But Not By Sight.

Walking…But Not By Sight: a Devotional Post Why I Went Walking in the Dark We’ve had an issue here at our house that has caused us (me) problems. We live in the Boonies. We have an electric fence that our dogs have been trained to stay inside. The fence wire (which is an underground wire) […]

Ol’ Blue Eyes Kinda Knew What He Was Talkin’ About

Anybody remember tho old song Frank Sinatra did called “Love and Marriage”? In case you don’t, but would like to listen to it, here is a link, with some sweet little eye candy thrown in for good measure: clips of Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman from the movie, “Indiscreet”. And, if you’re not in the […]