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Earn Amazon Gift Codes Through Offering Your Opinion

This post contains links that, if you click on them and make a purchase, will earn me money. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. . Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I believe will be good for my readers. Thanks for helping me continue to produce great content!

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

This post is all about how you can earn Amazon gift codes, while sharing your incredibly intelligent and informed opinion. So hang on through one paragraph of story telling, and then we’ll get to the IMPORTANT stuff.

Where I ate out recently: Otaku. Some things you CAN'T do quite as well, at home.

Where I ate out recently: Otaku. Some things you CAN’T do quite as well, at home.

We are pretty much eat-at-home folks. We don’t have the budget right now to support all the restaurants I’d love to try, in Nashville’s booming food scene. And the restaurants we MIGHT have the budget for, we’d just as soon miss. But every once in a while, we do go out for a date night. And last Thursday night, we settled on the affordable, yet absolutely scrumptious new restaurant in Nashville that serves ramen, Otaku. The ramen in bone broth that was served there was so delicious that once you’ve had it, it would cause you to weep into your bowl of college-student ramen, further over-salting that already over-salted product. 

What about you? Are you out enjoying restaurants or making the decision what’s for dinner? A popular major food manufacturer who cares about what you and your family are eating, is looking for some consumers to help support the creation of new products.

 How to Make That Money Through Gift Codes

Are you a “food enthusiast”? (I sure am!!!) You’re invited to join an exclusive, private online community where you can be an honorary advisor to this major food company and share your opinions directly with brand decision makers and other members like you.

 In addition to the opportunity to impact the brand, members will receive monthly Amazon gift codes (up to $20 a month) for participating often and a $5 Amazon gift code just for joining.

I’ve participated in a couple of groups like this, and get excited whenever I’m selected to do so. Those gift codes add up, and helped me be able to purchase several Christmas presents this year for my husband, and kids! I plan to see if I might qualify for this group, as well.

 There is limited space available, see if you qualify for this special opportunity today: