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Manage the Side Effects of Living, with Massage Envy

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Funds are low these days around our house. My husband works in the music industry, which is ever-morphing, and musicians are scrambling, trying to figure out not only which turns the business will be taking next, but how to continue to make a living in it.  

That means our family is trying to cut costs everywhere, even as all our bills seem to keep going up. But with all those concerns, there are certain things that just HAVE to be done. My husband went to have the oil in the car changed today, because that’s one of those regular maintenance things that we *have* to take care of. If we don’t do the regular types of maintenance to keep things running smoothly, any money we might save in the present by avoiding having it done, will be hugely surpassed by the bills of a broken down automobile. Responsible car owners know there are some things you just HAVE to do, to keep your car running well, all the years it was built to run.

And you know, in some ways, our bodies are a lot like cars. I was having a great deal of pain earlier this spring, and one of the things we did to help me function better was several visits to receive a massage. As my own massage therapist said to me, “There are issues in the tissues”, and all that pain I’d been experiencing had been partially stored in my muscles, in large knots of tension. Those needed to be released, and gently worked out. Those massages did my emotional and mental health a WORLD of good!

But you don’t have to be sick to enjoy the benefits of massage. Every day stressors take their toll: getting ready for the holidays, traffic, appointments, shuttling kids to where they need to be, making sure that everyone gets fed and has clean clothes to wear.  And, because, for example, that one year, when I volunteered to smoke the turkey, I REALLY SMOKED the Thanksgiving Turkey. That was one of my little “Because Moments”. Life is full of stuff like that. Some we manage LIKE A BOSS, and some, we just survive.

Super Smoked Turkey

Because some years, when you say you’ll smoke the turkey, you REALLY *smoke* the turkey.

But just like a wise car owner has his car’s oil changed or gets a tuneup, our bodies need that same kind of maintenance and care. Massage Envy is a great option to help your body work through every ache, pain, and stress in your life. They believe that massage is an important part of Total Body Care, and incorporating massage into your life can be one aspect of your wellness journey.

Let’s face it: you have a lot of people depending on you to help them meet their needs. But if your own cup is empty, how can you possibly keep pouring out to those who depend on you? Take the time to have a “Because Moment” at Massage Envy: because the caregiver NEEDS care first. Taking care of ourselves is of paramount importance: it helps us manage the everyday demands of our lives. Treating your body well shouldn’t be a luxury. Massage Envy is a leader in providing accessible massage and skin care services.

When you visit the website for Massage Envy, you can find the location that’s nearest you by going to the search bar in the upper right. And here’s a tip that several friends of mine have taken advantage of: they told their husbands that a gift certificate from Massage Envy was exactly what they wanted for their Christmas present. And what a loving gift that would be, to help your partner develop a routine of Total Body Care on a regular basis! Or maybe someone else you know…a family member or a friend…could really use this as a gift to help develop their own wellness routine. You can also enter their zip code in the search bar, to see if there’s a Massage Envy location near them.

You can find Massage Envy here on Facebook, and here on Twitter.

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Monday 11th of January 2016

Wonderful article :)


Monday 16th of November 2015

I'll bet Massage Envy does record business after the holiday family reunions. Hmmm, I think I should just book in advance. Nothing like being proactive ;-)

Alicia My recent post Xpandasox


Monday 16th of November 2015

I have a Massage Envy in my neighborhood! Yes, I don't even have to leave the bubble. I often need people to remind me that it is ok to spend money on myself. In fact, by doing so would probably benefit my family (if you know what I mean!)


Monday 16th of November 2015

Just today my doctor said massage would be good for me. And just this weekend I was recommending a massage to someone. I've never been to a Massage Envy, but I think I even have a gift card around here somewhere. Thanks!