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Beso Rewards: Share What You Love and Make Money

This post contains links that, if you click on them and make a purchase, will earn me money. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I believe will be good for my readers. Thanks for helping me continue to produce great content!

Gratuitous picture of Sooze and Anne loving Chicago.

Last month I took a wonderful trip to Chicago with my dear friend, Anne, to attend Bloggy Boot Camp, Brand Edition, which was hosted by The SitsGirls. That blogging conference rocked on every level: they provided excellent information for bloggers who desire to… dare I say it… possibly make a little money for all the work they’re putting into writing.

That wouldn’t be YOU, would it?

One of the presenters at the conference was a company I was previously unfamiliar with, a shopping search engine called Beso. (You can – and should- check out their Facebook Fan page here.) Beso is a part of Shopzilla, Inc. Now, Shopzilla I had heard of, and have used many times in the past, to help me locate the very best prices available on the internet for items for which I’m shopping.

The representative from Beso came to tell us about the Beso Rewards program, and how it can benefit bloggers.

Let me explain.

We all have areas of expertise. I’ve been cooking, and studying the art and science of cooking for years. I have friends who have expertise in other areas: home decor, gardening, fabric arts (sewing, quilting, knitting), and even fashion and beauty products. When my friends give me advice from their area of expertise, I listen, because I value what they have to say. I trust their recommendations.

Many of us have knowledge and expertise in our own area of specialization to share with the world. Some of us do that through our blogs. The knowledge we possess and share gives us a certain level of clout with our readers: and why shouldn’t it? We didn’t exit the womb knowing what we know now. We had to spend time, and a lot of it,  learning the things we’ve learned.

So, as writers, why shouldn’t there be a reward for sharing what we know with our readers?

And while we’re on the topic of sharing what we’ve learned, don’t you love hearing about bargains your friends have found and taken advantage of? Don’t you enjoy getting to see the styles that fit your friends’ tastes, and maybe picking up a tip or two, yourself?

Beso offers the potential for bloggers to earn a reward for sharing their knowledge, their discoveries, and their tastes.
 Beso Rewards  is open to every Beso account owner. It’s a PPC (pay per click) affiliate program that connects Beso’s shopping solutions with shopping content from content creators (like bloggers!).
It’s free to join.
When you share your finds on Twitter, or Facebook, and your friends or followers “click”: you make money, (a few cents) whether the reader purchases the item, or not.

Here’s one way I’m planning to utilize the Beso Rewards program. I’ve created a board on Pinterest of kitchen gadgets that I’ve researched through Cooks Illustrated equipment reviews and various other sources. No one wants to waste time buying tools that don’t work, or are too expensive, when perhaps there’s something out there that’s less expensive, and will work even better, right? So I’ve compiled a board on Pinterest of gadgets that I’d love to acquire, because I think from my research that these are gadgets that actually work. I’m taking that board, searching for those items on Beso, and finding the best prices available, and throughout the month of December, I’ll be sharing those gadgets and gizmos on Facebook and Twitter, and on my blog as well.

It will be my little Kitchen Gadget/Culinary Christmas Wish List.

I’ll be doing the hard work for my friends of doing the research about the various tools, and then I’ll recommend where they can find that gadget at the best price, through a Beso search.

Beauty, yes? I’m foreseeing some of my friends getting really cool kitchen gadgets, being really happy with them, and because they’ll click the links I share with them, I’ll make a few cents from their clicks to investigate the product. And everybody benefits!

Signing up for the Beso Rewards is super easy,  and the FAQ section will talk you through how to share your finds. Share what you love, and make some money while you do it! How cool is that?

Beso is a shopping search engine for brands and stores. They have millions of products from thousands of stores that you can shop in one place AND a roster of editors who narrow it all down to the best stuff out there. Win!
Recently, Beso introduced an affiliate program called Beso Rewards. When you use their links to share content, you get paid every time someone clicks – whether they buy the item or not.
Beso is a great tool for bloggers looking to monetize their site. Check out the tracking tools and account management features that make your job easy NOW!
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Beso. The opinions and text are all mine.

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