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Sonos Wireless HiFi System: Turning Father’s Day Into Mother’s Day

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I have a dream, and I admit it: it’s a selfish dream. I want to listen to recorded books, in my kitchen, while I cook, without having either annoying earbuds in my ears, or needing to run to the living room to pause the family’s CD player when someone wants to talk to me.

And then, I got a letter telling me about this wonderful little gizmo that I could give to my husband for Father’s Day.

And all of a sudden: Father’s Day was starting to sound remarkably like it could turn out to be Mama’s Day as well.

It all began when I watched this video about the great coolness that is the Sonos Wireless HiFi System.

(You should watch it for the music alone. Very, very cool.)

Behold, the wind that fanned the flame of my selfish desires:

This looks like the coolest sound system for your home, and I admit it. I want one.

In short, here’s what it does: With Sonos, you can stream all the music on earth (or recorded books!) wirelessly, in any room, via a touch of your iPad, iPhone, or Android.
(Score! Our family has two out of three!)

My husband is the IT guy at our house. He keeps the computers, and entertainment systems up and running in our home. So he cares about the details that I’m about to share with you. Here’s the stuff he’d want to know:

Things to Love About Sonos

  • The Play:3 ($299.00) is a compact all-in-one Sonos player. It comes with 3 integrated speakers, and 3 digital amps. It may be small, but it is mighty! The Play:5 model ($399.00) comes with 5 integrated speakers and 5 digital amps. They both have a sleek modern design, can be placed horizontally or vertically, and come in your color choice of black or white.
  • You can add a bridge ($49.00) that connects to your router for instant wireless setup of your Sonos wireless network, so that your players can go anywhere and work, wirelessly.
  • You can search for songs, browse music and control the volume from anywhere in your home with their free apps for your smartphone or tablet. 
  • Other products offered by Sonos: Connect ($349.00), which turns your stereo, or home theater speakers into a music streaming Sonos system; Connect:Amp, which is an amplified Sonos player for your speakers with built-in 55W per channel digital amplifier; and Dock, which plays any song from your iPhone or iPod on your Sonos players.
So basically, you can hear every song you already have, plus discover more, with access to over 100,000 free radio stations and shows worldwide. Sonos connects you directly to the internet, so that means I could listen to my beloved MOG, or Pandora.
Or even my audio books!!! HOORAY!!! I could have them in my kitchen with me!!! And I can control them from anywhere with my iPad. Booyah!
This isn’t my kitchen, but, a girl can dream.

Target has a deal going right now: Through June 16th at Target, there is a free $30.00 Target Gift Card with the purchase of a Play:3 unit, and a free $40.00 Gift Card with the purchase of a Play:5 unit.

So if you think the father in your house would like an awesome sumpin’-sumpin’ for Daddy’s day, and you think the mama in your house could benefit like I’m wantin’ to benefit, this is the time to jump on this deal.

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