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GIVEAWAY! $25.00 AmEx Gift Card from Centrum and Nutrition Possible

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Greetings, fellow sojourners!

I call you fellow sojourners, because, while each person who reads this is distinctly different, each of us is on our own little journey through space and time.

It’s been over a month now since the New Year arrived, with such a sense of promise. It’s been a month now since many of us made those little resolutions that some of us are wont to make.

And even if we never formalized them out loud,  perhaps in our hearts, we promised ourselves, that this year we’d do better. This year, we’d make some changes that would improve our quality of life. That would, perhaps, even improve our health.

I’ve screwed up.

How ’bout you?

I wish I could take a pill that would magically give me vibrant health.

Don’t we all?

I sometimes watch Dr. Oz, in hopes of learning what his promos interminably promise will give me the secret to health. And if you’ve watched his show a few times, I bet you picked up on the fact that on nearly every show, he is offering some new scientific breakthrough in regard to a vitamin or herb, or supplement that will add years to your life/give you heart health/cushion your aching joints/aid you in weight loss/fight cancer and on and on and on it goes.

In my quest to enjoy good health, so as to better enjoy the life I’ve been given, I’m totally willing to take a little vitamin or a little supplement. My own doctor recommends it: he says that a multivitamin is a good idea. And that there are some supplements that can help my particular health concerns. But which ones? What does a person of my age with my issues need to take to give herself her best chance at enjoying good health?

Have you ever wondered what YOU should be doing to keep yourself running at your own peak efficiency?

So when I walk into my local health food store and take a look at the dizzying array of vitamins and supplements (and this is just ONE aisle of about four aisles at my local Whole Foods/Whole Body store) and see this:

A bit overwhelming, yes? And remember: this is ONE aisle of four more aisles just like it.

before you know it, it starts to feel like I’m seeing this:

I don’t feel so good anymore…

What’s a body to do?

I read about a site sponsored by Centrum Vitamins and WebMD called Nutrition Possible.  It offers  trusted information from health sources, nutrition experts AND guided information through a unique self-assessment tool – for free! I created an account, and completed an assessment: quick and easy! 
The results of my assessment make it easier for me to choose the vitamins and supplements that fit my nutritional needs, based on the health concerns and goals that I selected. Based on the information I provided, this site made great recommendations for foods I should add to my diet, that provide the nutrients that my present diet lacks. And finally, they offer suggestions for exercises that will help me to achieve my health goals.
One more thing to be aware of: once you complete the assessment, you’ll have access to a $10.00 off coupon for any of Centrum’s ProNutrient Supplements, if you purchase one of Centrum’s Multivitamins. And if you’ve been vitamin/supplement shopping lately, you know that $10.00 off is a GOOD thing.
What was already good, is about to get better.
I’ve got a GIVEAWAY for you!!!
I’ll be giving away one $25.00 American Express Gift Card!!!

To enter the giveaway, take the assessment on Nutrition Possible , and then come back here and  leave a comment, sharing something you didn’t know you were lacking.

Here is a  link to the rules for the giveaway on this post.
The deadline for entries on this post will be 9:00, CST, Monday, February 13th, and the winner will be chosen through Random Number Generator. I will announce the winner on the 14th. Your odds of winning might be pretty favorable, so jump in, take the assessment, and then come on back and share what you’ve learned.
In the interests of FULL disclosure: there is a prize involved for me if I  get the most clicks on that site/comments on this site that involves a free ticket to the Blogging Conference, Blissdom, and I have a sweet friend I would LOVE to give that ticket to. So, show me some love, while you’re doing yourself a favor: click on the link from this post and enter to win the gift card.
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