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Where in the World is Susan in the Boonies?

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The title of my post is meant to be sung to the tune of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”

(At this moment, I’d love to embed a TV promo my husband wrote and produced for 615 Music, called, “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?“, but sadly, I’m unable to do that. Still, if you click that link, it should take you straight to the video.)

Virtually, I’m on the road today: the internet highway, that is. A community I follow on Twitter, Hip Homeschool Moms, invited me to guest post today, due to me dillydallying my life away one afternoon on Twitter. When I saw Meghan’s tweet that they needed a guest poster this summer, I thought:

“I’m a homeschooling Mom! I have hips! I can do this!!!”.

The Evidence: exhibits A…and B…

So…I’ve done it.

And I sure would appreciate if you’d come and give my opinions on homeschooling (and I have some!) a read. A comment would be even better!

Hip Homeschool Moms is an online community of homeschoolers, who get together to share what they’re doing, resources, tips, advice and well, life. So, if you homeschool, you should definitely check out this great resource.

Here’s a direct link to my post.

Kelley Simpson

Saturday 30th of July 2011

Susan, I loved the article. I home schooled one girl one year and wished I had done it for all my girls for all years. After reading your post on the picture of your son and the guest post I have to wonder why I live here in Orange County California where I am loosing my 18 yr old to the world and fighting to keep my 16 yr old close. I have a heart of desperation for my 7 yr old. Heavy sigh... Would be great to share a cup of coffee! Love from the West Coast!


Friday 22nd of July 2011

Susan, check and see if the DMV will let you put that picture on your license. Bam!

Julia (Jmmom)

Friday 22nd of July 2011

Great job! Love the butt shot ;-)

My favorite thought was thought #2. Sometimes we aren't even aware of how we are teaching superiority and pride...and we need to be aware of it.

Great thoughts! Keep writing...

Susan in the Boonies

Friday 22nd of July 2011

LG: I went to public school. You would have gotten me in so. much. trouble.

I would have adored you! :-D

Susan in the Boonies

Friday 22nd of July 2011

Elizabeth: I hope she does!