Brace Yourself for Teens with Invisalign

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Let’s talk about teens – teens who need to get braces.

 In fact, I’m going to start with my own son’s need for braces.

My son is a fantastic human being: very kind, very funny, very much his own person, very popular amongst his friends, and amazingly self-confident. Only, he doesn’t like his teeth, so much. They’re a bit crowded. When I asked him for his thoughts about braces, he mentioned that he doesn’t really want to look or sound like an idiot. (Who does?) And since a picture’s worth a thousand words, I think this kind of sums up his sentiment:

He’s not wild about looking like this.




But since I’ve been looking into getting braces for him, and I have to tell you that I’m pretty darn jazzed about what I’m reading from the fine folks at Invisalign.

 And what I’ve learned from a trusted family dentist in Kennesaw is exciting enough, and helpful enough, that I thought I’d share it with my readers as well. So here are some of the chief benefits that I see for my son, and for our family:

Benefit #1: No more metal mouth, like our friend, Señor Smart Donkey. No longer will a teen (or anyone who wears braces) need to feel like their braces are walking in the door before they do. Or like people are only talking to their braces. Invisalign really is practically invisible!
I’m thinking she must be done with her Invisalign treatment.


Benefit #2: You take these babies out to eat, and to clean your teeth! Now, how cool is that? No dietary restrictions, and you can maintain great oral hygiene while you’re wearing braces. I think that’s HUGE!
Benefit #3: The cost of Invisalign is comparable to the cost of regular braces. I was so relieved to learn that. Braces are something we’ve delayed for our son, due to the cost. But now that I’ve learned about Invisalign, I am thrilled we delayed, or we might not have even checked into using them.
Benefit #4: The aligners made specifically for teens have something called “Compliance Indicators”. They are blue spots that are designed to fade with use, that show whether or not the patient is actually wearing the aligners as they are designed to be worn. In other words, a reluctant patient can’t get away with sneaking them out the second they are out of the parent’s sight. (Note to self: MILLION DOLLAR IDEA!!! Invest in research and development for “Compliance Indicators” in regard to studying Algebra II assignments!!!)
Benefit #5: Invisalign has not only improved their technology recently with the arrival of Invisalign G3 making it suitable for patients with more complex cases, but they have also developed a special type of aligners, specifically targeted toward the clinical needs of teens. I’d encourage you to visit their site if you’d like more specific information.
Here’s how it works:
Invisalign Teen uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten teeth. After detailed impressions are taken of the teeth, they use 3D computer imaging technology to map out the teen’s treatment from start to finish. The teen wears each aligner for about 2 weeks. The aligners gradually move the teeth until they reach the targeted, designed position.
The patient will typically visit their care provider once every six weeks to ensure that treatment is progressing as planned, and to receive their next few sets of aligners.
Yes…it is a sponsored post. My very FIRST sponsored post, ever. But that should tell you how VERY excited I am about Invisalign. And I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true!


  1. Lauren used Invisalign and was very happy with the process and the results.

  2. Donnouchka!!! You figured out how to comment on my blog: I’m beyond thrilled!!!!!!!!!! And so glad to know that your gorgeous Lauren owes part of her gorgeous smile to Invisalign.

  3. Two of my kids have had braces – but I don’t know anyone who has had invisalign … I’ll be interested to hear what you decide. Good luck 🙂

  4. My sons had metal braces, but I’m about to get Invisalign for myself.
    I wish I’d gotten them Invisalign.

  5. My son had metal braces.

    He deserved them.

    🙂 Just kidding.


  6. Thanks, Silver Strands! I hope we’re able to do this for him!

  7. Dear Nota,

    I’m so excited for you that you get to get these for yourself!!! I think it will be a dream fulfilled for you, and you totally deserve them!

  8. Pearl!


    My only wish is that I make you laugh out loud half as often as you make me laugh out loud!!!!

    Love you!

  9. I wanted Invisalign but could not get them because my overbite and cross bite were too bad. So now I am wearing good old metal braces.

    Although I opted for the clear kind, mine are called Radiance, I believe.

    Also you should look into SureSmile, too. It uses computer imaging to custom build your wires to your mouth. It can cut your braces time up to 40%. Whoo hoo!

    I am now an expert on this, having researched it for years before finally committing to my adult braces this past April.

  10. I’m sure Katie would have preferred these to being a metal mouth. Maybe my grandkids will be able to have them, they look fantastic. Good post my friend.

  11. I love, love, love your new banner. Very nice.

    And I love my invisalign. I had to wait until I was an adult, but getting invisalign was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Then I made my husband get them because I think they are so worth it.

    Great article.

  12. Mandy, I’m kind of relieved to hear that you aren’t using Invisalign, because I know getting your braces has been a very painful process for you. But I am glad you found something that will work for you. I’m hoping that we can find just the right thing for my son!

  13. Diane, I’m so glad you were able to comment! Maybe I have worked through my comment gremlins that were preventing you from being able to do so earlier. Here’s hoping!

  14. Chloe: I’m so glad you love the new banner. Anne told me about the collage function, and I just grabbed someof my favorite photos that I thought represented different aspects of my wild life in the woods. Not sure how to picture my faith, since God’s invisible. I’m just going to go with the thought that it permeates who I am and what I do!

    If it doesn’t….don’t tell me any different…LOL!

    I never knew you and the Tick had Invisalign!!! That might have been before I met you? I wonder.

  15. A good friend of mine swears by invisalign! I was always fortunate that I never needed braces.

  16. golly, I was lucky to be born with good teeth 🙂

  17. Elizabeth: That is good to hear. Swearing by them and not at them is a good sign!!!

  18. Gary: You were indeed.

  19. Ooh, I love your new banner! Couples in love always make me a bit teary…

    Our 15 yr old really needs braces and we’ve been waiting because of cost as well. I’ll definitely check into Invisalign. I’m so glad you posted about it! Thanks!

  20. Glad you like the new banner, Becky!

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who’s drug her feet due to finances.

  21. I used Invisalign the second time I got braces. The first time, I had the old fashioned kind in college and they did a great job. I just didn’t wear my retainers like I should have after I got pregnant with Moanna (gag reflex overhaul) so they shifted and eventually I needed braces again. Round two I went with Invisalign. Much less painful and awkward than the old school, and they did a great job. You have to be responsible and committed to wearing them. If you know you’re not responsible and dedicated enough to take care of the alligners and wear them when you should, then go with the old fashion kind so you don’t have to carry around that guilt. If you are a well behaved and disciplined individual invisalign is the way to go!

  22. Glad to hear you had good results on your second go ’round, Renée, and that it involved Invisalign. I was worried you were going to say it didn’t work out. I think for most adults, the investment of money would be a motivator.

  23. Susan,
    I love the new look!

    Looking forward to hearing more. We have at least two who will need braces. I have always wondered how well these work!

  24. Alright, you talked me into it. Invisaline it is for my kids. Lets hope they never need them.

  25. We were told that they are only okay for minimal work. If teeth need serious moving you have to have regular braces. BUMMER! I’d’a really rather had my son in something removable as you described in the benefits.

    As it is, I refused to allow bonded retainers to be put on his teeth and only allowed removable retainers. Why? So he can actaully clean his teeth properly!! I had bonded retainers after braces so I know how aweful they are to clean around…

  26. 🙂 I’m praying that he’s a good candidate for Invisalign!

  27. Rebecca: I don’t know how far you are into your son’s process. If you’re on retainers, then, you might be almost done.

    But my understanding from the very large amount of information that they sent me, and that I read over, is that they have made significant improvements lately, and that they are appropriate for many more types of patients than they used to be. Don’t know whether or not that would have included the problems your son had, but it’s not just for minimal work.

    You should go to their site, and you’ll see the G3 technology handles significant issues.

    But…not all.

  28. Thanks, Elizabeth! That is so kind! Me, too!

  29. Whoa! You’ve been busy. Your blog looks great!
    I had a close friend with invisalign TEN YEARS AGO. I was sold on them even then but lo, the $ is just not there for me to do this. My son had metal braces – and I’m sorry I didn’t think to do invisalign with him. His eating habits would have stayed good if he hadn’t had to avoid crunchy foods for nearly 4 years (yes 4).

  30. Anonymous says

    Hey Susan, What a great post? You always have so many different topics. I have never heard of Invisalign until now. Wow!!! What a great alternative to the horrible metal braces that Kari had to wear twice: 2 yrs in middle school and 1 and half yrs in high school. She honestly could probably benefit from Invisalign’s today. Her front teeth have bucked-out forward again. I will be sure to have her read this post, and see if she would be interested in checking into it. Thanks again Susan for another interesting subject matter. You never bore me.

  31. He’s 13yo now, and had braces from 8-10y for a crossbite. He just wears his retainers at night now.

    But, his ortho is talking about ‘phase 2.’ I said I won’t even think about it till he’s 15yo cuz when our older son was 13y we were SURE he was going to need braces, but by 15y their straightened themselves out and he looks as if he’s had braces eventho he hasn’t. But, if 13ds needs braces still at 15y we will certainly look into invisalign if hte technology has improved that much. Plus, it’d be for minimal movement anyway cuz the real problem was taken care of 5y ago.

    Thankx 🙂

  32. My invisalign austin dentist highly recommend invisalign treatment because based on my sister experience on metal braces she told me that it was very difficult to eat because the tiny bits of meat get stucked on it. Thanks for sharing!

  33. You take these babies out to eat, and to clean your teeth! Now, how cool is that? No dietary restrictions, and you can maintain great oral hygiene while you’re wearing braces. I think that’s HUGE! teeth whitening loxahatchee

  34. I think Invisalign is safe and effective for all ages.
    My recent post What Is Your Smile Worth To You?

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