Foreign Foods

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So here’s what I’ve noticed:

First off, there are some amazing, AMAZING  writers out there in the blogosphere.

Secondly, many of my favorites don’t necessarily speak my cultural language. They don’t all have my world view.

Yet, they are as tasty as a recipe that I try from what, to me, is a completely foreign cuisine. I find myself looking forward to reading whatever they have to say, simply because they are exciting, delightful writers.

Little Women everywhere enjoy a Good Read. (from here.)

So, I’d like to invite you (in your comments) to hook me up! And, of course, to hook up all the folks who may click on this post.

Hook me up with a blog that you truly enjoy reading, even though it may (or may not) be outside your comfort zone. Someone whose blog you just look forward to, even though you might not find yourself hand in glove with their world view. (Or, perhaps, you agree with every single word they type.) But you just adore visiting that blog, for whatever the reason.

I don’t mind that they might be obscure. I don’t care if they’re undiscovered. I don’t care if they are way too popular for their own good!

What I DO care about is that you hook me (and any other readers who might stumble onto this post) up with folks who, in general, trip your trigger. I would also love it if, in your comments, you would share what it is about this blog that causes you to look forward to their posts.

I am really eager to read your comments, and read your recommendations! So, have at it! All I ask is that you nominate someone whose nomination will in no way benefit you: it’s just a recommendation from a devoted reader, for the benefit of other folks who just adore a good read.

I can’t do this without giving you my own recommendations, though, can I?

She’s not particularly obscure, but I adore my Pearl Girl. Her writing, her sense of humor, make me believe that if we ever met in real life, we’d be fast friends.

I also love the Pioneer Woman (who is not exactly a shrinking violet, but who has wooed me with her self-effacing revelations, and with pictures of her basset hounds, Charlie and Walter).

And here’s another: Mandy, of You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me, because she is a kindred spirit with her wry sense of humor in regard to the ad world, and her passionate love for her children.

I also look forward to many things that Tanis has to say, on her blog,  the Attack of the Redneck Mommy, because even though our lives our very different, our love for our kids is the same.

So, tell me, who do ya love?

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  1. I have to say you are the blog I look forward to reading. I happened on your blog one day by accident and love it! I love your story and the way you write. By the way, I also just found Pioneer Woman. Love her new picture of Walter all swaddled during the storm!

  2. I also love me some P-Dub and I blame her for my extra weight.

    I just posted about 8 of my faves over at the Layers. Check it out!

  3. I love your title…reminds me of my post today. 🙂
    Try this one, a sweet, usually funny, family blog:

    Suz is awesome 🙂 She reminds me of you, a bit, always giving me sweet and positive comments!

    Because in another alternative universe I could live in the middle of nowhere rather than the middle of a big city. because she reminds me of how much fun the kids & I had when they were smaller. not very obscure (she also writes for Guideposts) but I appreciate her honesty in dealing with home schooling, working, special needs etc.

    Interesting idea for a post – thanks for making me think 🙂

  6. Amy, that was a really, really nice thing to say, and someday, I hope to try one of your cupcakes!!! You have such a lovely blog, with such mouth-wateringly great pictures. You have me drooling on a regular basis.

  7. Onion, I appreciate the link, and checked out every blog you listed. Hope you get lots more visits!

  8. Oh, thanks for that link, Elizabeth. That is such a sweet blog!

  9. What a fantastic group of blogs you have included me with. Thank you so very much. You have made my morning!

  10. Gary, I am totally a follower now of Suz, thanks to your link. I can already tell, she suits me just fine!!! Just my taste!!!

  11. Thanks, Missus Wookie for all those great links!

  12. Hi Sooze!!!

    Gary is the sweetest {potter} man I know! I will have to send him some cold hard cash for thinking of me.

    Thanks for your lovely comment…as soon as my weekend slows down I will peruse this lil blog of yours.

    Your comment made me LOL. I know…saying LOL is so not cool, but it really DID! And who needs to be cool these days?



  13. Thanks so much for including me in your exotic pleasures list! I’m honored.

    Here are my list of favorites, most of them are humor blogs:

    Melissa, a fellow advertising copywriter, and a sweet person:

    Brett, a long-time blog-friend and a very funny writer:

    Brittany: a funny and popular mom blogger:

    One of the biggest names in humor blogs, Allie:

    Becky, a quirky and madcap blogger, she makes me want to be funnier:

  14. Richella at Imparting Grace:

    Natural Suburbia– oh, the things she does! Gardening, knitting, chickens, homeschool… it makes me feel so warm and homey to live through her vicariously

    My last post was on Grocery Budgeting

  15. How about a published graphic novel author who also happens to be a zookeeper and makes and sells the most charming and hilarious cat toys on the planet (and awesome jewelry – she made my favorite earrings that I wear all the time)? Check out my froggie baby, I just adore her:

  16. my pal jocelyn is brilliant. she and her family are on sabbatical in turkey this year and blogging all about it.

  17. Some great blogs to check out. I saw you comment on Miss Wookie’s blog and came over to see you… {I “know” you from SL forums, I was speedymom}.

    Love PW…. the rest I’ve not heard of so I’ll have to check them out!

  18. I have just discovered your blog and am so glad that I did. I love finding other Tennessee bloggers!!

  19. Susan,
    I’m linking you to a blog of a friend of mine. Her name is Rachel and she has a way with words. Another thing I love about her is she doesn’t take her children too seriously.
    I hope you like it.

  20. I don’t get out much. You already know about my favorite blogs. Nota Supermom and Poshyarns and A Friend to Knit with. AND YOU!!

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