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Be careful what you wish for.

Isn’t that what you’ve always heard?

Me, too.

Why won’t I listen???

Remember how I said I was longing to be interviewed?

Jack knows better than to wish for something like that. Some donkeys are smarter than others.

Well, my wish has done gone and come true.

I’ve been skewered  interviewed over on The LG Report.

Go visit my very funny friend Lazarus over at the LG report, and enjoy watching me and the entire state in which I reside get lampooned be interviewed.

Leave Lazarus a nice comment, if you will. It would mean so much to him!!! And that way, I’ll know who my REAL friends are.

My apologies to the fine citizens of the wonderful state of Tennessee. I hope you’ll forgive me someday.


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  1. Love the picture.

    Just got back from reading your interview. You did a fantastic job and I enjoyed every bit of it! I had to chuckle my way through.


  2. good job on the interview! Very funny! Just dropped by to say hi!

  3. I saw you over there. 🙂 Very funny!



  5. Hilarious interview! Nice job.

    Honey, let this citified Californian set you straight. That there ain’t no donkey. It’s a bodacious MULE. A really gorgene MULE. His daddy was a jackass, his momma was a horse. (You know me Susanuchka, I couldn’t help myself.) No, you don’t know Jack. Hee haw. I know, you didn’t have a real jackass available for a prime photo shoot and you thought you could pass off a mule on your unsuspecting public. Ha! Haw! Hee haw!

  6. That was awesome. You’re famous!

  7. You’re officially famous. Good job! And feel free to cook anything up for me…I’m always hungry.

  8. @AJoyfulChaos: Thanks for the encouraging words. I was feeling really nervous about ruining LG’s hilarious blog, but it seems to have been pretty well received. Thanks for stopping back by here and patting my hand. It helped calm me down!

  9. I loved your interview! I was laughing out loud all over the place. Very funny answers!

  10. What a riot! Congrats on the interview! I guess I need to post my wishes aloud. 🙂

  11. I went. I read. I laughed. 🙂
    BUT I was sad to learn that your favorite little restaurant closed. Is that the one the fungirls went to?

  12. Went by and left a comment! That LG is a hoot!
    Thanks for sharing:-)

  13. I loved the interview and I have to admit I was pretty excited to know I ALREADY followed you! So there.

    You’re fabulously funny!

  14. i got a kick out of that. being a semi-boonie dweller, albeit from the north, it made me giggle.

  15. Left a comment over there, but I forgot to add that the photo of the deer totally cracked me up – I love the expression on her little face! – so I thought I’d leave that thought here for ya. Great interview!

  16. I actually fell asleep leaving a comment here last night, and my computer turned off and awoke me. Not that you put me to sleep! I had spent probably 2 hours reading various posts, following links, and reading your interview (hilarious!) I was pooped!

    So we’re neighbors, huh? I’ve been trying to figure out just exactly where you are, and I think I have it narrowed down to 2 places.

    I think your donkey-mule-jackass might be my burro! No, not MY burro, but the one I visit for photos in the snow – check out his picture here:

    Just keep scrolling on down – it’s there!

    So, howdy, neighbor!

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