Best Article on How to Unintentionally Improve Klout Score with Influential Topics

Have you ever wondered how much Klout you have? Those who use Twitter will know exactly what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, I’ll try to sum this up succinctly, AND tell you a story in which you’ll get to laugh at my stupidity, and my vanity, all in one swell foop, as they […]


I just finished reading a novel entitled  Exposure, whose premise I found to be extremely thought provoking, as a parent of teenaged children. Without giving away any important plot elements that are not mentioned on the cover of the book, the story revolves around a young teenaged couple who have fallen in love, and who […]

A Love Song for my Friends at the Sonlight Forums

Since I use a homeschooling curriculum that I purchased from a company called “Sonlight Curriculum”, I also began reading their online forums when I first started schooling my son at home ten years ago. Sonlight is a terrific company, by the way, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who might be considering homeschooling […]