Wine Tutorial: Selecting a Wine to Serve with Roast Chicken

Denny Jiosa is back as my guest poster today, with another awesome Wine Tutorial. In this post, Denny is selecting some wines that pair perfectly with one of my standard stand-by recipes, Roast Chicken. Take a look at Denny’s selections and suggestions. I think you’ll be glad you did. Welcome to the second installment of […]

Ginger Roast Chicken and Elbow Macaroni with Tomatoes and Pan Sauce

This recipe for Ginger Roast Chicken and Elbow Macaron with Tomatoes and Pan Sauce will amaze you by its depth of flavor and by how extraordinarily delicious it is! Dry Brining a Roast Chicken Have you read my post about that WONDERFUL steak I dry aged and salted? The one that offered you steak house […]

Best Roast Chicken Recipe

My Best Roast Chicken Recipe in a Cast Iron Skillet has several innovative ideas, that take a perfectly good roast chicken to the realm of greatness. Nom, Nom, Nom. A Hybrid of a Recipe, Using the Techniques of Three Great Cooks This recipe  for Best Roast Chicken in a Cast Iron Skillet, is a bit […]