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New Wine

We can get so hung up on our own external judgment system, can’t we? As you look at your fellow man, do you ever find any of these thoughts running through your mind? Do you ever wonder if he/she…. parents the “right” way (whatever way we think that is)? drinks alcohol ad nauseam, to the …

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It’s the Relationship, Stupid!

 This summer I’ve been reading the gospel of Luke. Recently, I came upon this passage, in Luke Chapter 5. I thought I’d show you the actual text, first, and then, try to put it into more 21st century vernacular.   1 One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret, the people were crowding around him …

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Divine Appointments

I’ve been reading the gospel of Luke, lately, because I find that if I don’t put good stuff into my brain from time to time, the world can be an awfully dark place. I always pray before I start reading, asking the Holy Spirit to open my mind, and shine His light in there, and …

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