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World’s Most Beautiful Wedding Song and Video

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World’s Most Beautiful Wedding Song???

Seriously, Sooze? Perhaps you exaggerate? Just a touch?

Well…since I was the bride, and my husband, the groom, was the man who WROTE the song for me?

Absolutely not.  I do NOT overstate my case.

This IS the World’s Most Beautiful Wedding song.

And it was sung 25 years ago, at my wedding, by our friends,  The Adventures of Rodeo and Juliet.

Who, I might add, are going to get a LARGE CHARGE out of their hairdos once they see this!

It was the era of Don Johnson, and Miami Vice, and the scruffy look was IN!

It was the era of the mullet: business in the front, party in the back.

THANK GOD I had the sense to think that MAYBE my rock and roll mullet hairstyle might date the wedding photos just a bit, so I asked my bridesmaid to pin my “party in the back” up on my head.

I cannot believe that I’m going to do this, but, here we go: this is a clip from my wedding, 25 years ago, in honor of our 25th wedding anniversary:


The song, “I Do” written by my sweet husband and his friend, just for the event.

I think the song itself stands the test of time, even if the hairstyles might not.


I Do from Lindsey Williams on Vimeo.

I Do from Lindsey Williams on Vimeo.

P. S. Let me know if you liked it!