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My "Life’s Too Short" Top Ten List

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A year ago today, my husband underwent non-invasive cardiac bypass surgery, due to the heart attack he had suffered four days earlier. So, today, I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting on what I believe in regard to life, and how I live it, and how I WANT to live it.

This shot was taken right before they wheeled him down the hall to cardiac bypass surgery.
Think that didn’t rattle my cage?

Thinking along these lines has caused me to generate a list, my list, of the

Top Ten Things that Life’s Too Short for:

1. To not spend time getting to know and love God. (This life is but a flash in the pan, when you contemplate that your spirit was created to live forever.)
2. To not be my husband’s best friend and lover.
I’m stuck in the Boonies because of this man, but God help me, I love him anyway.
3. To not love, listen to, and pray for my children.
4. To not serve others.
5. To not laugh.
6. To have no joy (which is different from laughter).
7. To eat bad calories, or drink bad coffee.
8. To not cultivate friendships.
9. To not travel.
10. To stay stuck in shame.

This I believe.

My apologies to Deacon D. Dawg and Pilgrim Pee Dog, for not having room on my list to add “To not have a pet.” Because where would I be without either of them?! Life’s too short to not share it with a beloved pet.
What about you? What would you put on YOUR list? 
Tell me one thing that would almost certainly make your list.