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Big Bison’s Birthday

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Last week was my dear husband, the Big Bison’s, birthday and I made him a cake. I have no skillz whatsoever in cake decorating, but my daughter and I did what we could. Thought you might appreciate seeing our lowly homespun efforts.

Wanna see what we did?


In all his glory.
Aerial view: pardon the soiled napkin.

A lot of laughter ensued. Because we’re just juvenile that way. 😀

If you can’t laugh with your family, what’s the point, right?

For the culinarily curious among us (Anne): The recipe we used was The Barefoot Contessa’s birthday cake. This was per my husband’s request. It has lemon zest in it, which makes it taste very fresh, despite the fact that it has way, way, way too much butter and sour cream in it.   The frosting was just an almond buttercream, from my Southern Living cookbook, that I altered ever so slightly. Yummy. I prefer a slightly lighter cake, but I had to make the BB (either Birthday Boy or Big Bison, take your pick) happy.

The bison is foam. I bought him one year for my Bison’s stocking at Christmas.

Missus Wookie

Saturday 21st of May 2011

That looks and sounds like a great cake, lemon zest plus too much butter sounds like a winner to me :)

Oh and we'd do the poo too....

Susan in the Boonies

Wednesday 11th of May 2011

icklepay, I would be totally interested. You should pm me!


Wednesday 11th of May 2011

I am 99% sure I can get a chocolate bison in case you want one for next year (Nickel City and all). Maybe your foam one would like a pal. A temporary pal. :)


Wednesday 11th of May 2011

Oh, I would absolutely EAT UP that cake. Lemon is a great flavor, and buttercream? Mmmm.

That reminds me. I'm throwing a bachelorette party Saturday and should have my seamripper available for Sunday (why do my pants keep geting tighter?)...Pearl


Wednesday 11th of May 2011

Ah man...I thought the Bison was CHOCOLATE!! I'm kinda bummed cuz I was wondering where in the world you found a chocolate buffalo!! Super cute overall though!