Blog Etiquette: Let’s Talk About the Process

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The Boonies: before the trees budded.

What the heck was I thinking when I named this blog “Wildlife in the Woods”?
(I actually know the answer to this question: I was thinking about the wildlife that lives in my woods, and the fact that life can get a little wild from time to time, and there’s even more to it than that, but I’m not going to hop any further down that particular bunny trail at this juncture. It was a rhetorical question.)

 I would like to explain to you, however, why I posed the question.

Ursula ponders why I posed this question, chewing thoughtfully.

But in point of fact, I am going to first take you down another bunny trail.

I get my daily dose of reading the blogs of others through my Google Reader. All familiar with a Google Reader, (or another news aggregator site like unto it), raise your hands.

EXPERIENCED BLOG READERS SHOULD SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH. (I’m writing it for my sweet friends who come here to read my stuff because they love me, but they don’t know much about blogging.) (Or, experienced bloggers should read the paragraph carefully in order to correct me in my very limited understanding of things.) If you didn’t raise your hand in regard to being familiar with the Google Reader, you really should familiarize yourself with it, or with something like it.  Google Reader is a tool that will help you keep track of the blogs you would like to follow. When you click on your Google Reader, you get a handy list of all the blogs you’ve subscribed to on the left hand side of the screen, and on the right side, is a big box/window that enables you to scroll through all the latest posts. It’s a handy, dandy little invention, and with its help,  you don’t have to strain your memory to remember to check up on various friend’s blogs, nor to remember their individual blog’s addresses. Your blog roll is right there waiting for you! (Helpful hint: it’s a great idea to check out the recommendations of some of your favorite bloggers. Very often you’ll find links to their favorite reads posted right there on their blog’s page.Then, you can add to your list of top quality writers whose works you will get to enjoy on a regular basis. What fun!)
I’ve wandered far off the trail, haven’t I?

Let’s get back to the question.

Why in the heck did I name this blog “Wild Life in the Woods”??? Why did I not name it AAAA Amazing Wildlife in the Woods?

Because I just want to confess to all my fellow bloggers: by the time I make it past, about the “M”s or “N”s in my list of blog subscriptions with which I try to keep up, I am just flying through some of your blogs.

I am trying now to vary my process a bit and start at the END of the alphabet, to do all my WXYZ friends justice. It’s pathetic, always being at the end of the alphabet in school. And now, to do myself in with my own poor choice of a blog title? What a fool I was!!!

So, let’s talk about blog etiquette, shall we?
What would you like to sound off about? Have any pet peeves?
What are your thoughts on “comments”? On making them? On receiving them? On having to wait to have your comments approved by others?
Do you often leave comments when you have visited a blog? Why?
Do you rarely leave comments? Why?
What prompts you to leave a comment?
Do you use Google Reader, or something else that you like much better?
What would you like to say about the process of blogging, and reading the blogs of others?

Cool mic picture, taken by the Big Bison.

Sound off! The mic is yours!

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  1. I put my blog roll down the side of my blog. It posts the most recent blogs, so I read them by which was written most recently. I hadn’t even thought about the consequences of calling my blog, “You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me.”

    I’m a Y!


  2. I was a little confused by your comment about only reading blogs in the first part of the alphabet … until I read that you “click on your Google Reader”.

    I have a little secret for you. Ready? If you make iGoogle your home page, then you can add your Google reader to the page. There are a gazillion other things you can add, but I only have my Google Reader added.

    That means that every time I get online I see a list of all the new posts from the blogs in my reader – ordered by posting time, not alphabetically. At any point while I’m online I can just click my “home page” icon and see if there are any new posts … always in order of posting, never by name of blog.

    Try it. I dare you. 🙂

  3. I may try it, Bethany. Right now, CNN is my home page, and I like it.

    I will say that the posts do come up in chronological order in the box, if I don’t click on the left side on the blog titles.

    It’s just the habit I’m in, and once you get used to doing things a certain way, it’s hard to shake it. But, I may try that for a while, and see if I like it.

  4. @Mandy: I have a truly unruly blog roll, that probably needs to be culled a bit if I wish to maintain my sanity. I like to put my most favorite blogs on my page to clue others in to what I love, (if they care). I certainly pay attention to what’s on the side of the pages, though. I think I found you through Pearl.

  5. Gotcha. At least you know you have options. I think, though I’m not making promises, that you can add CNN’s top headlines to iGoogle. Maybe.

  6. Bethany is right, you can add CNN’s headlines to iGoogle.

    I read my blogs by going down the blog list on my sidebar. I think every blog I read is there. I maybe need to branch out some, huh? But I like that it pops up blogs by most recent post.

    I never considered titling my blog to be alphabetically friendly. Interesting.

    Comments – I try to almost always leave one when the poster ends w/a question. So, good job on that. Or if something just really hits me. And especially on those who are faithful to comment on my blog 🙂

    I like to reply to comments I get. I do that in my own comment section, usually. I’m not sure on the etiquette of that – should I go to their blog instead? No idea.

    Pet peeve: how very buggy Blogger is with comments not showing up.

  7. Oh, this’ll be a fun one to comment on.

    Sometimes I wonder why I named my blog “One Magical Moment PER DAY” !!! Duh! that means I’m locked into blogging everyday! I haven’t missed a day so far, but sometimes I’d really like to. Lol.

    I try to leave comments often, just to offer support to other bloggers. It’s hard putting your personal feelings out there and sometimes you just need a little someone saying, “I hear ya.”

    Pet Peeve: I have a cyber stalker. And actually, any one out there who has experience with this would be GREAT! I’m at a loss. I now have to screen all my comments and I made my security settings as tight as possible. They leave hateful comments and it seems there’s nothing I can do about it.

    This was fun to read and think about. Bloggers are quite the community. We should all talk about this more!!!

  8. a) I comment on nearly every blog post I read, because I know that I enjoy comments, I like to give it back 🙂
    b) my list is on blogger dashboard, showing most recent posts—but some of the blogs on there never read mine and comment and some are boring and some I don’t like or I am too busy to read, so I skip down until I come to blogs and-or posts I want to read. I…
    c) honestly read ALL of your posts, but as a person with a religious background different than yours, i do not always have a comment on days you discuss your religious musings and also as a vegan, I can’t say much about meat or hunting but
    d) your posts are always interesting, and along with Suz and a few others, i never skip yours 🙂

  9. Susan, I love your humor, your story-telling skills, your love of cooking (your cheesecake made my hubs want to marry me all over again…) and your honest faith.

    I use Google reader to follow blogs, and often read out of alpha order by just clicking on the bottom left area of each blog in the list. It pulls it up on the big right side window.

    I enjoy comments, just like everyone, but I comment only when I have something of real value to say. I rarely comment just for the sake of commenting. When I receive those kind of comments they don’t mean as much to me, so I imagine others would rather hear what I legitimately have to say.

    But I read as much and as often as my time permits, comments or not.

    Love this conversation!

  10. Yikes! I’ve never used Google Reader!!!

    Hmmm. Not very bright, am I…


  11. For the next step after you have google reader, use google chrome as your web browser. I think they invented tabs. I have my Google Chrome set to open with 3 tabs every time. My favorite tabs are: my email, facebook, and iGoogle. So along w/ Bethany, my blogs come in the order of posts instead of alphabetically.

    My pet peeve is music playing on blogs!! Ugh!! Just hate it! I would avoid blogs with music but my 2 friends IRL have music on their blogs. 🙁 At least I remember they have it most of the time. Ugh!

    My other pet peeve is Blogger but… 😉

    Great post!

  12. Ok, Blogs. I have a short list that I try to follow. It’s what I do to relax, but some days, I don’t have time and don’t get to read. After a few days, I’m feeling a bit like I’m having withdrawals, so I find my way to the blogs again.

    The title is often the hook, or the “not hook” for me. If the title doesn’t look very interesting, I might *gasp* skip it and not read it.

    I don’t always comment…and I only comment when I’m inspired in some way, or have a question. I don’t like that if I ask a question, many times, I don’t get an answer, or I forget to come back and check if they answered, or I forget to subscribe to the comments.

    I never really knew there was “etiquette” for blogs, but it’s a great thing to ponder, and obviously, since I’m actually commenting, and a lengthy one at that, your post inspired me and made me think!

    I would follow more blogs if I had time. I know I would enjoy it. Kristy

    PS, I don’t like it when the comments have to be “ok’d” first before they actually post, but I understand why people would want to set it up like that.

  13. Oh, and one more pet peeve…things that flash or sparkle or MOVE around on the screen. I don’t care what the website, or blog has to say, if things are moving…I’m moving along to something else!!

  14. I use google reader….I love it. I always read blogs in order of the blog roll….and then I go in order of people who I have communication with. IT is all about making a relationships. Sometimes it works….sometimes it does not.
    Good luck and take care.

  15. Since I’m also on blogger, I just go to my dashboard and read the recent posts from any blogs I am following. They are chronological, not alphabetical.

    My pet peeve is blue type on darker blue background, or other color combinations that are hard on the old eyes. Some blogs I seldom read because I just can’t.

    I leave comments sporadically just to let people know I am reading their blog, and also to honor the “do unto others…” mandate.

  16. I don’t always comment, because I usually don’t feel my input is valuable.

    I do like having to moderate comments on my own blog because then I KNOW when someone posted 🙂 So, obviously I don’t mind of someone else does the same thing.

  17. Rebecca, I will say that I have my comments set up so that I get email notification of when I have received comments, so that’s nice. Blogger does a really good job of ferreting out the spam comments as well. Only once or twice has spam gotten through.

  18. Thankx! Maybe I’ll change my processing then. I probably overlooked something then when I was setting up my blog.

  19. I am so glad I am an “L” blog – get you before you hit the dreaded “M”.

    I don’t usually comment. I guess I don’t think my comments are worthy….. :O

  20. I do use Google Reader (like Bethany, on my iGoogle page) to keep up and I try to visit and comment on most blogs.. when time permits. I try to make a point of returning visits to everyone who comments on my blog.. even if it takes a while to get there. I’ve found some great bloggers that way.. or rather, they’ve found me.

  21. I was a ‘W’ in school. Always at the end of the line. One of my criteria for marriage was that I marry someone at the front of the alphabet. And move up I did, all the way up to B!

    My poor little blog is an S.

  22. Susan, I use Google reader in the same manner you do. I like to leave comments but much like some of the other comments here I feel I may not be leaving anything worthy enough, but I love getting comments so maybe anything is nice to get? I’m also afraid I’m going to be the blog stalker. Much like in real life I am a very non-intrusive friend and never want to wear out my welcome.
    I agree with Jamie Jo and Jules, please, no music or impossible type I can’t read. However, I do like sparkles, probably my ADD. My daughter has music on her blog and it makes me nuts… That goes for websites too.
    I really enjoy straight forward writing, my pet peeve is trying to read a blog with tons of fancy words and not being able to figure out what the person is talking about. Which is why I’m reading this blog. Thanks for the discussion.

  23. I don’t do my blogs (which are in google reader) by alphabet. I’ve got them all filed by subject so there is 365, home schoolers, friends, cooking, scrappers, quakers etc. etc.

    There are some that are really only to be looked at no responses required that I often click the ‘mark all as read’ for the entire folder.

    Don’t like music/slideshows/glittery things but also don’t read them in the reader. There are firefox plugins that can let you comment from within the reader to but I’m on the wrong computer so will have to let you search for that. Greasemonkey I think.

    I open each folder and deal with the blogs as I have time/energy – so friends get read carefully and responded to. Professionals that I’m reading for work, or inspiration but rarely respond to are skimmed whilst on hold or waiting for something to happen.

    I only comment if I think the comment is worth putting out there as another commenter mentioned. I don’t like comments that are only advertising their blog or who are commenting when they’ve obviously not read the post.

    If someone needs a reply – it depends on the person. Some email me so I reply that way, I usually reply in the comments so anyone reading knows the answer. But if I don’t think the questioner is a regular reader I go to their blog and reply there too.

  24. I’m a LOT like Kristy in my blog habits. I’d love to read more but I often don’t make the time for it. I try to comment but I often don’t have anything worth saying and I don’t like saying something lame like “nice post”. Truly, though, that is sometimes all I’ve got in my head. ugh I love comments but don’t excel at leaving them. I’m trying to do better.

  25. here’s my pet peeve…word verification AND comment moderation. really? you need both? personally, I don’t use either.

    I’m not very good about replying to comments but I will visit those who comment if they aren’t on my regular list.

    and I try to leave a comment just to let people know I was there time permitting.

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