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I have been sicker than a dog.

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I didn’t want to let TOO long go by without wishing you a Happy New Year , even though this, the longest-lived virus in the history of mankind, has really kicked my tail, and left me feeling like the holiday has gone to the dogs.

I hope you will forgive me for my absence, and this post is a promise to me and to you that I WILL get better soon, and before you know it, I’ll feel well enough to write something worth reading.

If you want to give me a shout out, I’d love a few encouraging words in the comments section. Or a prayer. That would be even better.


Saturday 5th of January 2013

Oh NOOOOoo! I sure hope you're feeling better by now. I've been totally lax about my blog reading.


Thursday 20th of January 2011

Hallloooooo!Missing you!


Friday 14th of January 2011

Susan? Are you there? Can you hear me? Is this thing on? We miss you. Come back to us soon.


Thursday 6th of January 2011

Hey Susan, So sorry to hear you're sick too! Hope you get better really soon.In the meantime, I've sent you an award on my blog. Hope that cheers you up some.Eddie


Tuesday 4th of January 2011

Greetings from Southern California. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to :-)God Bless You, ~Ron