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Tide Pods Equal Laundry Redefined

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Tide Pods: #LaundryRedefined

Tide Pods: #LaundryRedefined

Last weekend, my dear friend of over thirty years was spending the weekend visiting with me. I told her I was getting an opportunity to try Tide Pods , and her reply was immediate, and wistful. Several years ago, when her mother moved into an assisted living facility for seniors, her mom made a pretty smooth transition. She made lots of new friends, and was really enjoying the community activities that were available to her. The thing that frustrated my friend’s mom the most was her inability to do her own laundry. She would end up waiting till one of her daughters came to visit her, which would eat into their time together, when they could have been out doing fun stuff, rather than staying in and doing laundry. Her reason for not being able to do her own laundry, even though she had a washer and dryer right there in her apartment? She couldn’t manage the heavy boxes or jugs of detergent on her own, due to her painful arthritis. 

“Oh, how I wish those pods had been available back when my mom was living in her assisted living facility. She would have been so much less frustrated!”, said my friend. “Because she really WANTED to do things on her own…to not be so dependent on us. And, we would have had more time to get out and do fun stuff, like take her shopping, or go out to eat, instead of being stuck inside her little apartment, doing laundry.”

Beau and Susan

This picture was taken the day we dropped my son off at college. If you look closer, it’s easy to trace the tracks of my tears.

In my own way, I’m excited to get to use them for the sake of my son, the college student. He’s been doing his laundry on his own for years, since before he went away to college, God love him. I trained him and his sister both, while they were young, to do their own laundry, and they both manage it well. But when you’re a college student, and you have to walk across the quad to do your laundry, it’s so much more convenient to just carry a little pod or two in that laundry basket of dirty clothes, than to have to carry a large box or jug. Plus, as a mom, I can know that he’s NOT wasting laundry detergent, by accidentally pouring in too much, or too little. All he has to do is chuck that little nugget of cleanliness into the machine, and no measuring is required.

But the very best part is, I know he’s getting the cleaning power of the most effective laundry detergent I’ve ever used! Tide cleans and brightens my laundry better than any detergent I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried a lot. Now, all that cleaning power comes in a compact form that I don’t even have to measure. They are designed for use in both traditional washing machines, as well as high efficiency machines, and they’re coated in a new film that dissolves completely in the washing machine, even in cold water.

Tide: Laundry Redefined

Tide Pods + My Laundry = Laundry Redefined

Tide Pods allow me to fling one, and I’m done. 😀 All these factors – ease of use, innovation, great design and performance, put together, are what Tide is calling Laundry Redefined. For me, it spells convenience, but for someone like my friend’s mom, it’s actually life-changing. Were she still alive, it would have spelled independence: an ability to take care of herself, independently, for as long as possible. 

Great design, performance, and convenience: for what more could I ask?

Well, maybe for someone to fold my laundry, and put it away…but I’m a dreamer that way.

Like any cleaning product in your home, it’s important to store these pretty little stain-fighting gems up, up and away and out of the hands of any inquisitive toddler or child, who might be tempted to get into them. Safety first!

How about you? What’s your favorite detergent? Have you considered how a product like this might benefit someone you love who actually NEEDS this form of convenience? Please consider sharing this post with someone you know who might really benefit from trying Tide Pods.

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