San Francisco: Part Three

Saturday was a day of contrasts. We went from the site of the Summer of Love and total hippieness, across the Bay to the port of quaint and rampant yuppieness. From clouds into sunshine, and then back again. Saturday was our day in the car: a day of hurtling through time and space at breakneck […]

My trip to San Francisco: Part Deux

So, my petite posse, Robin, Chloe and Anne came to pick me up chez Gigi, and they took a walk around her lovely home, and spent a few minutes chatting with her. If you read the comments on my last post, Anne said we stayed just long enough for Grady the cat to hiss her […]

My Trip to San Francisco: Part I

Well, I think I’m ready to write about my trip to San Francisco, now.. Because it was such a monumental experience, that I’m afraid if I don’t get busy and write about it, it will fade into oblivion. This trip was originally planned strictly for pleasure, but (thank Him!) God’s ways are not my ways, […]