Mimosa Fried Chicken Biscuits with Sweet Potato Butter and Sriracha Slaw

There is a story behind this recipe for Mimosa Fried Chicken Biscuits, and it all started on my recent trip to Foodtopia – also known as Asheville, NC – when I went there for the Food Blog Forum. On Tuesday, following the conclusion of the actual Food Blog Forum conference events themselves, the city of […]

The Butler’s Tour at Biltmore House in Asheville: a Foodtopian Paradise

Because I couldn’t possibly fit all the wonderful things that went on at the Food Blog Forum in Asheville, NC  into one post, I decided to break my account up into a few smaller, more manageable bites. This is the second post in my series on the 2014 Food Blog Forum in Asheville, and here’s […]

Shopping in Carytown and A Review of Can Can Brasserie in Richmond, VA

 When I visited Anne recently, we had a grand time going shopping together in the Carytown neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. I loved the whole feel of the district: kind of historic, kind of hip, kind of funky.  Carytown is full of vintage clothing stores, and Anne took me to one of her favorites,  a Goodwill […]