Foxy Loxy

I bet you thought I was going to talk about me, again. Well, while I am still on my sardine eating/fishy burp producing binge/experiment to improve my hair’s condition and thus give myself incredibly glorious hair, we are not going to talk about my own personal foxy locksies. Which would have a different spelling than […]

Breathtaking Beauty o’the Boonies

It snowed last night in the Boonies. I thought I would treat you all to a glimpse of the breathtaking beauty that we saw when we woke up this morning. All pictures were taken by my extraordinarily talented husband, the Big Bison, who totally rocks. P. S. You can click on them to make them […]


Pictures courtesy Boonie Baby.  It snowed in the Boonies yesterday. It snowed with a ferocity and intensity that we, heretofore, had not yet experienced in these somewhat remote parts. Of course, it snowed across much of the continent yesterday. (Although, ironically enough, I talked to a friend who lives in what is traditionally one of […]