Come to the Table

When you’ve been on the planet as long as I have, certain puzzle pieces begin to start clicking into place. One piece that has recently slipped into place for me is that life is full of green pastures where we get to lie down and quiet waters where we are led, as well as times […]

You CAN Go Home Again

You know “they” say that you can’t go home again. And perhaps there’s some truth to that statement. But in my experience, I haven’t found that to be totally the case. When I first moved to Nashville, part of the reason was to attend a church that seemed to me to be dynamic and vibrant, […]

The Bunnies, Mr. Billy, and Mr. Billy’s Beagles

or: Breaking Bread with Mr. Billy, Mr. Billy’s Beagles, and the Bunnies I’m going to make a stab at retelling a story that is the stuff of legends. Once again, I did not personally witness the event that I am about to recount, but I first heard the story from one of the guys it […]