Re-framing the Period Discussion

I was talking lately with some moms of tweens, and a couple of them mentioned that they are kind of dreading the discussion that they’ll need to be having soon with their daughters, in regard to the changes that a girl’s body goes through at puberty. They were especially not looking forward to talking with […]

"The Talk"

How did you learn about the facts of life?Do you remember? I’ll bet you do! And, if you’re a woman, who explained to you the wonderful way your body functions? Was it your Mom? Did someone explain it to you in a class at school? Or did a girlfriend give you the lowdown on the […]

Of Cancer, Mammograms, and Birthdays

Me and my pal. In honor of my dear friend, who was diagnosed with, and treated for breast cancer this year, I’m off to get a mammogram tomorrow.(We’re pretty certain that my friend got lucky, in that they caught her cancer fairly early, and were able to treat it, and have pronounced her treatment at […]